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Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry cleaning machine catagory is the catagory of all kinds of dry cleaning machine. Dry cleaning machine is one kind of laundry machine to wash garments or clothes without water, but only different kind of solvent

In the first dry cleaning machine category, the machine use hydrocarbon as solvent .It has two open type and closed type,the closed type hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine has better chemical recovering rate than the open type. But both the dry cleaning machine in this first dry cleaning machine catagory doesn't have the function of drying.

In the second dry cleaning machine catagory ,the machine use perklone (tetrachloroethylene), it also has closed type and  open type, but for the environment protection, only the closed type perklone dry cleaning machine catagory is recommended. And the closed type dry cleaning machine has the function of drying that operator is able to finish washing, extracting drying

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