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Why does the strength of hotel linen fibers gradually decrease?

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Why does the strength of hotel linen fibers gradually decrease?

Hotel linen washing process  is the most import  in the laundry shop. Due to the stains on the linen under certain washing materials, water quality, and process conditions, the problem is general . We will list  you the reasons for the decrease in fiber strength of hotel linen.

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By increasing of washing  times for hotel linen by laundry washing machines  ,the strength of the fabric fibers and the polymerization strength of the fabric decrease , but this decrease is very slow. If the decrease is too large, it indicates that there is a problem with the washing process.

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1. Excessive concentration of bleach, especially excessive addition of chlorine bleach, can seriously damage the polymerization degree of the fabric.

2. Another problem is the pH value of chlorine bleach of laundry washing  machine is too low. If the pH value of chlorine bleach is too low , it will cause the release speed of chlorine bleach to be too fast, which will affect the fiber strength as well

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3.If the temperature is too high during bleaching process , it will cause excessive cause damage to  fibers.

4. Long term washing in high temperature and alkali can cause a rapid decrease in fiber strength, although pure cotton fabrics themselves are relatively alkali and heat resistant.

5.During the washing process in laundry washing machine , if the water level is too low, resulting in high detergent concentration , it  can damage the fabric.

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6. During the bleaching process, if the drum will not rotate ,it will causel high concentration of bleaching and damaging plant fibers.

7. Pure cotton fabrics are very sensitive to acids, So adding acidic substances to detergents can cause significant damage to the fiber strength 

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