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Flatwork Ironer

This Flatwork Ironer is the catagory of all our FLatwork ironer to be heated by steam or electricity.

The flatowkr ironer has different quantity of roller, it has model of one roller ,two rollers, three rollers  

Four rollers, five rollers or six rollers.

The flatwork ironer with one roller is able to be feedback type that the bedsheet or quit cover will be  

Get our from the machine where to put them into the machine, meanwhile This single roller Ironer also has pass through type that the bedsheet will get the bedsheet from the back of the ironer, although the bedsheet will be put into the machine at the back fo the machine.

There is also flatwork ironer with two rollers that is able to deal with more  bedsheet or more  quit cover

Within one hour.

The Flatwork Ironer with three rollers is faster than flatwork ironer with two rollers that is able to work

With automatic folding machine.

The flatwork ironer with four rollers, five rollers and six rollers is more faster, it will meet different request, we also have profession service, just click us!

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