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Washer Extractor

Washer extractor is the catagory of our automatic washer extractor in commercial and industrial laundry shop of hospital, hotel, army ,railway station and so on .This stainless steel automatic washer extractor  is the first water washing step of laundry process .With function of washing and extracting combined in one, it helps operator to save water, electricity and labour in laundry system of hotels, hosptials, armies, railway station .  This washer extractor has capacity  120kgs  100kgs  70kgs  50kgs  30kgs  25kgs 20kgs 15kgs for the operator to choose. You could browse the different catagory of the washer extractor to check different capacity. With the stainless steel washing drum and washing chamber, the operator is able to inject different chemical with  different water temperature timely by programs in operation panel. This catagory of washer extractor is the most popular laundry machine in  the market now, operator is able to finish different of fabric washing from different instiute by washer extractor. If you have special request in this kind of  laundry washer extractor, we could also customize change this machine for you. 

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