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Revealing The Secret To Keeping Hotel Linens As White As New

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Hotel linen washing is a large quantity and high quality job,not only must the dirt on the linen be thoroughly washed, but also  the service life of the linen must be extended.To achieve the desired results, scientific washing methods and reasonable washing procedures must be adopted.

The linen used in the guest rooms of most hotels and restaurants is mainly white. Therefore, during the washing process of hotel linen, it is not only necessary to remove stains on the linen, but also to make the linen as white as new.If you only use bleaching, you can only achieve a certain degree of whiteness, but if you look carefully, you will find that there will be light yellow or brown on the linen. This is mainly because the fabric itself has a small amount of absorption of blue light in natural light, so it is necessary to make the whiteness of the fabric reach an ideal state, so the linen can be whitened regularly and quantitatively.If you want hotel linen to be stain-free and as white as new, the following two steps are essential.

The first step is to flush to completely remove stains from linen,.The first purpose of flushing is to moisten the linen and expand the fabric fibers to remove the dirt easily; the second purpose is to use the action of water and mechanical force to flush away as much water-soluble dirt in the linen as possible , to reduce the consumption of detergent in the program.This process does not require the addition of any chemicals, and the purpose can be achieved by simply utilizing the flushing process. Therefore, flushing is crucial for subsequent steps and reducing washing costs.At present, many laundry rooms do not have flushing facilities, or they think that flushing is just to moisten the linen, so they drain the water as soon as the linen is soaked. In fact, the linen at this time has not been fully soaked and cannot be removed by flushing. The purpose of water-soluble dirt on linen and the adsorption of dirt on the surface is that it is not advisable to not flush or just soak the linen.Secondly, the water level for flushing should be medium water level. Practice has proved that although the water volume at high water level is more sufficient, the mechanical effect caused by the rotation of the washing machine drum will be weakened by too much water and cannot form enough water impact, which will affect flushing water effect.If the medium water level is selected, the impact force of the water can be increased and the mechanical effect of the drum can be better exerted.Therefore, the medium water level is suitable for "flushing", the flushing time is 2-3 minutes, and the water temperature can be set at 30°C to 40°C.If the water temperature is too low, the fabric fibers will not expand significantly, which is not conducive to removing dirt. If the water temperature is too high, some dirt will be solidified on the linen. For example, protein-containing dirt will deteriorate and condense at excessively high temperatures, making it very difficult to remove. Therefore, flushing is particularly important in linen washing.

If you want your linen to be as white as new, the second step is to bleach it.There are two main purposes of bleaching during the washing process. One is to remove the remaining dirt on the fabric that needs to be removed through oxidation or reduction, so that it can reach the original color of the fabric itself.The second is to improve the whiteness and brightness of white fabrics and colored fabrics to make their colors more brighter and gorgeous.

Fabrics during the washing process (such as towels, bed sheets, tablecloths, etc.) undergo rinsing, pre-washing and main washing processes. When the program is properly fed, water-soluble dirt, oil-soluble dirt, and some solid dirt can be generally removed. However, for some pigmented dirt, which can only be removed through oxidation and reduction, conventional washing cannot completely remove it. A bleaching program must be set during the washing process to completely remove the dirt.

The length of time during the bleaching process is related to the release time of the bleach. At the ideal bleaching temperature and the ideal pH value of the lotion (pH value 10.5), the bleach is basically evenly dissolved in the lotion after one minute of adding the bleach. The release is basically completed, and the concentration of available chlorine in the solution is 10ppm. The content of available chlorine during drainage should be less than 10 ppm, so extending the bleaching time after the release of available chlorine has no effect.

Therefore, whether to use oxygen bleaching or chlorine bleaching in the bleaching process can be appropriately selected according to the characteristics of the fabric to be bleached and the color of the fabric.

Temperature during bleaching is also very important for chlorine bleaching. Increasing the temperature of the bleaching solution can increase the bleaching speed and shorten the bleaching time. Generally speaking, increasing the bleaching temperature by 10°C can shorten the bleaching time by one time. If chlorine bleach is used for bleaching, the bleaching temperature should generally be below 65°C, otherwise the fabric will become stained yellow.If oxygen bleaching agent is used, it is better to choose 70℃~90℃. The pH value of the bleaching bath has a greater impact on the damage to the fabric's fastness. When the pH value of the bleaching bath is neutral 7, the damage to the fabric is severe.The bleaching bath bleaches very quickly under acidic conditions, but it causes serious damage to the fibers, so it is not recommended under normal circumstances.The optimal pH value for chlorine bleaching is around 10.2-10.5. In this case, the bleaching speed is average, but the damage to the fiber is small. Generally, the main washing and rinsing can be designed to be carried out at the same time, which not only maintains the pH value but also can Achieve bleaching effect.

Therefore, flushing and bleaching at the same time are the two secrets to keeping hotel linens as white as new.

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