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  • 2023-04-25

    Notes for Automatic-fully Washer Extractor:1. Remoring the suspending fixed supporting frames(4 pcs)firstly during the transportation before operating the machine. 2. The weight of the fabrics loaded in the machine must be above 80 percent of the machine capecity.3. There must be less than 10mm dist

  • 2022-11-18

    Industry exchange | Medical fabric washing damage and solutionsWhen patients go to a hospital ward, the first thing they see is the bedding in the ward. If it is white and bright, it will immediately give people a warm and homely feeling, otherwise it will bring an uncomfortable mood. It can be seen

  • 2022-05-16

    forewordTaizhou Hospital is affiliated to Taizhou Enze Medical Center (Group). The East Branch of Taizhou Hospital is constructed in accordance with the standards of national tertiary first-class general hospitals. It is a regional medical and health service center integrating medical treatment, sci

  • 2022-04-27

    Isolation washing equipment selection strategyThe biggest difference between hospital linen washing and hotel linen washing is that the clean standard of hotel linen is as long as the surface is free of stains and meets the requirements of the national mandatory standard GB18401 "Basic Safety Techni

  • 2022-02-17

    Oil stain removal and washing time controlThe paint dries, hardens and oxidizes when exposed to air, and these stains are difficult to clean after a while. How to deal with newly painted clothes and paint stains that have been left unwashed for a long time?We can put the newly painted clothes into t

  • 2020-12-15

    The hydro extrator is a machine used in the textile processing industry. It is also called a centrifuge. The hydro extrator is a device that uses centrifugal extraction to remove excess moisture from the fabric. Through this process, approximately 65% of the water is removed. It plays an important role after passing through the dyeing section. The hydroextraction method removes the water dispersed in the fiber through mechanical action (the amount of water varies with fiber type); this process aims to reduce energy consumption, before the final drying of the fabric or between various wet treatment stages get on. In this article we will dive into the working principle of hydro extractor.

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