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 We are professional manufacturer and supplier for washing machine,industrial laundry machine ,Ironing Machine
Jiangsu  Sunflower  Machinery  Co., Ltd. is located in Hailing Industrial Park , Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. We are one of the leading washing machine makers in domestic after years of development. Since then, Haifeng has the droit to sell the brand to domestic and international markets, such as the USA, England, Japan, Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, South Africa and Vietnam in more than 40 countries and regions. Nowadays, a complete set of manufacturing facilities have been established, as well as an extensive distribution and after-sale network.


As a manufacture of different laundry Equipment for more than 20 Years, we are leading in the Line of laundry machines.
Our factory is with ISO9001 and also  CE Certificate will be offered for Products.
We offer good service of sale in advance and also good service after sales.
Class A Laundry machine will help you to get more orders and save a lot of times for you.  
Our factory has machinery engineer team and electronic  engineer team that will help  you to solve most problem.

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Barrier Washer Extractor

Hygienic Isolated Barrier Washer Extractor 100kgs 50kgs

Tumbler Dryer 120kgs---20 Minutes Full-dry cycle

Hospital Laundry Machine

March 20, 2024
Introduction Of Industrial Washing Machine

What Is Industrial Washing Machine An industrial washing machine, also known as a commercial washing machine, is a large-scale and heavy-duty appliance designed for use in industrial and commercial settings where there is a need to handle a high volume of laundry on a regular basis. These machines a

March 15, 2024
Introduction Of Washer Extractor

Part A What is Washer ExtractorWasher extractor is a type of industrial laundry equipment used for washing and extracting water from large quantities of laundry, such as linens, towels, and clothing. It combines the functions of a washing machine and a spin dryer in one unit, making it efficient for

January 27, 2024
Trouble Shooting for Leaking Problem of Washer Extractor

When the industrial large-scale washing machine produces excessive noise, the following measures can be taken: Ensure that the industrial large-scale washing machine is placed flat and stable, with all four legs securely in place or padded with foam plastic. Securely tighten the connecting screws at the drainage system.

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Jiangsu Sunflower Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the leading washing machine makers in domestic after years of development.

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