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Trouble Shooting for Leaking Problem of Washer Extractor

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When the industrial large-scale washing machine produces excessive noise, the following measures can be taken: Ensure that the industrial large-scale washing machine is placed flat and stable, with all four legs securely in place or padded with foam plastic. Securely tighten the connecting screws at the drainage system, bottom fixed pulling plate, etc. Place 1-2 pieces of foam plastic or corrugated cardboard between the washing drum and the washing box. If these measures are ineffective, it is advisable to contact the maintenance department for repair.

When the rotating speed of the agitator or the tumbling strength of the industrial large-scale washer extractor decreases, lift the clothes inside the drum and redistribute them evenly. Alternatively, remove 1-2 pieces of clothing to see if there is any improvement. If the issue persists, check whether the three-stage drive belt is loose. If it is, you can stick some black cloth on the two wheels or loosen the two screws on the motor support, move the motor support, and tighten the screws after adjusting the V-belt. If the V-belt cannot be adjusted further, consider replacing the V-belt or the plastic pulley.

The reasons for water leakage at the bottom of the washing drum may include:

1. Failure of the main shaft seal ring, causing water seepage in the central part of the washing drum.

2. Poor welding or inferior enamel quality of the washing drum, leading to local cracks and water seepage around the washing drum.

3. Poor connection between the drainage pipe and the drainage valve, and leakage from the accessories of the rear drainage valve of the industrial large-scale washing machine may cause water leakage.

4. External scratches on the drainage pipe can also result in leakage.

To address the causes of leakage, corresponding measures should be taken, such as replacing the seal ring of the industrial washing machine, sealing with packing material to block weld seams, reinstalling the drainage pipe and drainage valve, and repairing the drainage pipe.

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