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Towels Fast Speed Drying Machines 120kgs/240lbs

A Stainless steel ss304 drying drum B Stainless steel ss304 heat radiator C With big door to do loading and unloading D With Durable structure E With fast drying speed that 30 minutes for towel and 20 minutes for towels
  • HGQ120

  • sunflower

  • 84512900

Laundry Drying Machine

HGQ Fast Type Tumbler Drying Machine 120kgs

This Fast Type Tumbler Drying machine is produced by our factory , it is popular among the clients for the sake of many reasons ,such as It has U Shape hot air exhaust pipe , it is with Two hot air exhaust fans ,it has much shorter working cycle compare to Normal Tumbler Dryer ,which is about 15 Minutes to 20 Minutes ,Meanwhile this Tumbler Dryer save  more energy than other normal drying machine 


HGQ120 (Fast Type )

Rated Capacity (kgs)


Drum Size (mm)


Rotation (r/min)



Steam Heated  

Motor Power(kw)


Fan Power(kw)


Overall Dimension (mm)

1640mm*1780mm* 2280

Weight (kgs)


Character of the  Fast Type Tumbler Dryer is as follows

A With Horizontal Type Structure and with stainless steel SS304  Durable heat radiator on the top

B With Two Efficient Hot air fan on the top ,it will make the hot air equally turning around the drying machines box

C The hot air will run in U Shape inside the tumbler dryer , and the machine will have very good working efficient cycle ,it will save energy  

D The turning drum will turn forward and reverse ,all the fabric inside the drum will be heated equally

E The hot wet air will be exhausted  from the top of the dryer

F This machine has much bigger door than the normal dryer ,the operator will be very easy to do loading and unloading

G This machine also has design of cooling function to meet different purpose of from different client 


Service System

Pre-Sale Service
Before the order is confirmed, we will provide free laundry layout and all the consultation about the product.
Sale Service
1). In-depth Design
When the order is confirmed, we will communicate with the professional staff from the buyer's part and discuss the in-depth drawing design. Besides, we will provide the whole laundry factory layout design for free. The design scheme will be including equipment installation drawing about foundation, water inlet, drainage, air input and output, compressed air and electricity.
2). Installation
All the machines are well tested before we delivery the machines to the operator 
When the equipment arrive to the buyer, we will send our technical staffs to provide field installation guidance and any other necessary help to ensure proper and standard installation.
3). Testing
After installation, our staff will help our customer to test the machine and check all the technical index, function, specification of the machine. Also we will comprehensively eliminate all the possible human-caused damage or troubles during installation to make sure the machine will operate in its best condition.
4). Operation Training 
Before the machine is put into use, we will provide operation training to ensure the operators from the buyer's part can work independently. The training includes proper operation, safe startup, smooth operation, proper washing, linen check and categorization and machine maintenance. Also we will help operators to learn the right way to save water, energy and emergent stop operation.
After-Sale Service
  Full set of  Installation and Operation Manual will be sent together with the machines ,and we are also able to offer online instructure 
 Operation Video will also be sent together with the machines 

2) If you need   we are able to send engineer to the work site to help you to train the operator and also to instruct the installation 

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Why choose us?
1.We are the factory of laundry equipment,we own a professional team which is skillful on laundry washing machines.

2.Our main products are Washer Extractor(15KG to 150KG),Tumble Dryer(15KG to 120KG),Ironing Machine,Folder and Drying Cleaning Machine,Ironing table which are used in industry washing shop,laundry shop for commercial,school etc.

3.All the sales are online 24 hours,because it is easy to help every customer answer the question

4.We have agent in the world,if you want to be the next one,do not hesitate and looking forward to your inquiry.
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