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Visiting the Laundry Factory | Laundry Room in East Campus of Taizhou Hospital: Integrated Solution for Isolated Washing

Views: 178     Author: 台州医院东院区洗衣房     Publish Time: 2022-05-16      Origin: 洗涤视界


Taizhou Hospital is affiliated to Taizhou Enze Medical Center (Group). The East Branch of Taizhou Hospital is constructed in accordance with the standards of national tertiary first-class general hospitals. It is a regional medical and health service center integrating medical treatment, scientific research, education and rehabilitation. Surgery, emergency, critical care, and internal medicine (such as cardiology, neurology, and gastroenterology) that use interventional, endoscopy and other techniques for surgical development are the main development directions. In order to better meet the requirements of hospital infection prevention and control, the hospital attaches great importance to the standardization of medical fabric decontamination process and the achievement of high standards of effect. According to the requirements of WS/T 508-2016 "Technical Specification for Washing and Disinfection of Medical Fabrics in Hospitals", a new laundry room in the east campus is required. , and on December 29, 2021, it will be put into operation simultaneously with the first phase of the East Campus.


Strive to maximize the use of 800 square meters of use area

It is understood that more than 2,300 beds are planned to be opened in the east campus of Taizhou Hospital, and the paediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology departments of the old hospital continue to be used. Therefore, the East Branch of Taizhou Hospital plans to build a new laundry room with a construction area of about 800 square meters on the first floor of the administrative building of the new hospital, which is specially used to handle all medical staff uniforms, patient uniforms, surgical gowns, bed sheets and bedding in the East Hospital District. , towels, etc., and the packaging of surgical cloths in the old hospital area of Taizhou Hospital.

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Since the work of the laundry room involves the operation and maintenance of water, electricity, gas, professional washing equipment, as well as infection control related knowledge such as disinfection and isolation, occupational protection, the Medical Engineering Service Department of Taizhou Hospital will decontaminate and soften the medical fabrics in the hospital. The decontamination of equipment and hard equipment is operated by two different departments: the hospital laundry room and the disinfection supply center. Therefore, the laundry room project in the east campus is through public bidding, and Shanghai Hangxing Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation. According to the actual situation of Taizhou Hospital, Sailstar made planning and design in strict accordance with the requirements of WS/T 508-2016 "Technical Specification for Washing and Disinfection of Medical Fabrics in Hospitals" after many on-site visits and calculations, as well as constant communication with the actual needs of the hospital. , tailor-made a set of effective hospital laundry room isolation washing integrated solutions for the East Hospital District.

According to the planning and design of the plan, the laundry room in the east campus is divided into "two areas and three channels", namely the polluted area and the clean area, a special channel for staff, a channel for receiving medical fabrics and a special channel for distributing medical fabrics. Ensure that personnel and logistics are changed from dirty to clean, do not cross or reverse, and set up obvious signs in the polluted area and the clean area. At the same time, according to the high standard requirements of the hospital's infection control, a single room was specially set up for the washing of infectious fabrics, and an air shower system was added between the polluted area and the clean area to strengthen the disinfection and prevention and control of the staff. Effectively prevent the risk of cross infection.

In addition, the laundry room is also equipped with new configurations according to the actual production capacity, including washing dragons, presses, through dryers, sanitary isolation washers, fully automatic dryers, discharge conveying systems, plush collectors, high-speed A complete set of Sailstar series professional washing equipment including spreading machine, high-speed ironing machine, high-speed automatic folding stacking machine, suction ironing table, etc. To ensure the efficient implementation of the hygienic isolation washing solution, the medical fabrics that have completed high-quality washing can be continuously and smoothly produced, and continuously transported to various clinical departments of the hospital, so as to meet the actual needs of the hospital's logistics support in a timely and effective manner.

The advantages of using the isolated washing scheme are obvious

According to Director Hu Jinzhi, head of the laundry room in the East Campus of Taizhou Hospital, at present, the daily washing capacity of the laundry room in the East Campus has reached nearly 10 tons, including the cloth bags required for nearly 250 operations. Compared with the pure single-machine washing mode of the laundry room in the old hospital area, the isolated washing solution of the laundry room in the east hospital area shows obvious advantages.

First of all, the introduction of the washing dragon has rapidly upgraded the laundry room in the east campus to the only medical washing institution in the local medical system in Taizhou with a modern intelligent washing dragon. The natural isolation washing mode of single input and single output, combined with several professional sanitary isolation washing machines, fully meets the selection requirements for medical washing equipment in WS/T 508-2016 "Technical Specifications for Washing and Disinfection of Medical Fabrics in Hospitals", realizing Professional isolated washing avoids the risk of nosocomial infection in the decontamination process of medical fabrics.

Pharmaceutial Factory Working Uniform Barrier Laundry Machine (2)

Secondly, the establishment of "two zones and three passages", as well as the setting of complete isolation barriers and air shower systems between the cleaning channels, also fully guarantees the fully enclosed substantive partition between the cleaning areas and the disinfecting control of the staff. .

Third, the sorting area of nearly 100 square meters accelerates the process of receiving and sorting medical fabrics, improves the work efficiency of employees, and ensures that medical fabrics can quickly enter the washing and finishing process.

Fourth, some medical fabrics that needed to be outsourced for washing due to insufficient capacity in the laundry room of the old hospital and some medical fabrics (except surgical bags) that needed to be sterilized with the assistance of the Washing and Disinfection Supply Center are now basically following the development of the laundry room in the east hospital. Enables achieving self-sufficiency.

Fifth, from the perspective of the overall equipment configuration of the laundry room, processes such as washing, ironing, folding and other processes that used to require a lot of labor have basically realized mechanized automatic operation, which greatly saves labor, energy, and work. Efficiency has also been significantly improved, and the resulting wash results are cleaner and more beautiful.

Detail optimization for better Meet the actual needs of each department in a timely manner

In order to supply and meet the needs of medical fabrics in various departments of the hospital in a more efficient and energy-saving manner, the laundry room in the east campus is doing its best to adjust the details of each operation with the care and support of the hospital leaders and the assistance of Hangxing staff.

According to Director Hu, since the laundry room is the first time to use large-scale washing and finishing equipment on a large scale, the operational requirements for employees have been increased accordingly. Therefore, the staff of Sailstar will go into the laundry room almost every half month, from the performance of the equipment. Principles, process optimization, operation specifications, maintenance precautions, etc., to teach the laundry room staff hands-on. Help them effectively solve the problems of insufficient effective loading capacity of the washer due to the wrapping of medical fabric packaging bags during the actual operation, and electrostatic adsorption affecting the ironing and folding effect, and improve the quality of circulating airflow and the working environment by installing a fluff collector. tidy.

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In addition, the laundry room has also improved its work style (all employees are required to wear professional protective underwear), strengthened the basic knowledge of nosocomial infection and disinfection knowledge of employees, and mastered hygienic hand washing, the correct preparation of disinfectant, and occupational safety protection. , cleaning and disinfection of the work area environment and object surfaces, etc., so as to learn and demonstrate. Through the professional training of the hospital's infection control department and the "help and guidance" of the old staff in the laundry room, the overall staff in the laundry room will gradually improve their awareness of the prevention of nosocomial infection management. Strictly implement the relevant requirements of WS/T 508-2016 "Technical Specifications for Washing and Disinfection of Medical Fabrics in Hospitals" into various management systems and quality control of each work link to ensure the quality of laundry room work, improve service quality, and ensure clinical patients and hospitals. Staff safety, effective control of nosocomial infections, and overall improvement of the quality of hospital work.

Continuous improvement to ensure high-quality supply of medical fabrics with higher efficiency

According to Director Hu, the biggest advantage of the laundry room in the East Campus is that it can communicate in a timely manner and effectively meet the needs of the department, achieve self-sufficiency in clinical medical fabric washing, and effectively reduce some irregularities caused by outsourcing of medical fabric washing (such as mixed washing, The probability of occurrence of unnecessary loss of fabrics, etc.) or untimely delivery (unable to supply on-demand) effectively completes the closed loop of the hospital's basic work of washing and disinfecting medical fabrics in the laundry room with the hospital's infection control assessment and competition. Judging from the actual operation of the laundry room in the east campus of Taizhou Hospital, all the work is being carried out in an orderly manner and basically achieved the expected goals of the original planning and design.

In the future, with the continuous progress of the second-phase project in the East Campus, on the basis of the continuous expansion of production capacity and the continuous improvement of washing demand, the future focus of the laundry room will be on intelligent operation and digital management improvement. At present, the folding system of automatic work clothes and the intelligent wardrobe system of RFID technology have been put on the agenda, and it is expected that they can be introduced as soon as possible to accelerate the contribution of the laundry room to the logistics support of the hospital.

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