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Steam Ironer

  • YPAI3000
  • ISO9001
  • 50sets /Month
  • China
  • Wooden
  • set
  • One Set
This machine is inventor controlled and the drums are made of stainless steel
1. High quality and efficient ironing result
The precise structure of double chests, springs and heating proof felt ensure the rollers to keep enough eleacticity and spring cushion, which creats the surface well-touched.
Unique lever balance pressure device and the cylinder pressure adjust system on both sides.
Unique whirl steam flow heating system for the connecting plate improves the ironing result.
2. Reliable and safe operating system
Anti-curliness device can prevent the fabrics curling in the chests.
With steam and compressed air control system, once the pressure is too low the system will alarm.
Many emerency stop buttom fixed on the ironer. Any buttoned pressed, the ironer will stop to run.

The atuomatic system can raise and lock up the rollers to prevent the fabrics and the proof felt damaged when the machine stops running in case of no power.

A big controller with interactive interface on the machine is easy for operator to program according to different requirements.

3. High efficiency and Low energy consumption

The chests have a large angle heating surface, which can improve the heating efficiency.

The ironer adopts a single drive motor which can save energy. The frequency converter system can adjust the ironing speed from 8~40 m/min with the change of temperature, type of fabrics, moisture, etc.
The chests adopt a unique heating chamber recycle system with many strips on double sides. Steam can flow in the chamber with high efficiency. In addition, the chests are covered by thermal insulators to reduce heat losses.


model   YPAI-1600 YPAI-2500  YPAI-2800    DYPAI-2800   YPAI-3000   DYPAI-3000 YPAII-3000   DYPAII-3000 YPAIII-3000  YPAIV-3300 
ironing scope   0-1.6m   0-2.5m   0-2.8m   0-2.8m   0-2.8m   0-3M   0-3m   0-3m 0-3m 0-3.3m 
drum quantity   1   1   1   1   1   2   2   3   4
steam pressure   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa
heating power         36kw   ------   36kw ------    72kw   --------   -----
drum dimension   ø 800*1600   ø 800*2500   ø 800*2800   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000
ironing speed of fabric   < =8   < =8   < =8   < =8   < =8   < =17   < =17   < =17   < =26   < =32
motor power   0.75kw   0.75kw 0.75kw    0.75kw   0.75kw   1.5kw   1.5kw   1.5kw   2.2kw   3kw
power   380v 50hz                  
overall dimension   2640mm*1500mm*1400mm 3810*1500*1400   3840*1500*1400   3840*1500*1400 4040*1500*1400 4040*1500*1400 4040*1500*1400 4040*1500*1400 4040*3500*1400 4340*4500*1400
overall dimension   1100kg   1200kg   1400kg 1400kg  1400kg   2200kg   2200kg   2200kg   3000kg   3800kg


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