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Dry Cleaning Machine 15kg

  • GXP-15F
  • ISO9001
  • Made of China
  • plywood cases
  • SET
  • 1SET
Dry-clean machine is a ideal dry-clean equipment which composes washing clothes, dewatering, stoving and recovery and detergent distillation. PTFE which has extraction action to oil and can not be burned is choosen as detergent.

The machine is suitable for washing clothing and fabric such as cotton, wool, woollen cloth, cotton flannel, chemical fibre (except polyvinyl chloride fibre, artificial leather and velvet), woollen blanket, fur coat, feather down and fur. It is a ideal washing equipment for guesthouse, laundering and dyeing shop, factory, mine, army and hotel.
Specification GXP-8 GXP-10 GXP-15
Rated capacity (KG) 8-10 10 -12 12-15
Drum dimension (L) 155 180 200
Washing speed (R. p. m) 46 45 12
Extracting speed (R. p. m) 460 450 450
Drying temperature 50-60 50-60 50-60
Motor power (Kw) 4.8 6 6
Chemical c2cl4 c2cl4 C2c14
Noisy (dB) ≤ 75 ≤ 75 < =75
Rated power (V) 220/380 380 220/380v
Overall weight (kg) 980 1100 1150
Overall dimension (L) 1450× 900× 1660 1450× 1000× 1660 1520*1200*1900

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