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Jiangsu Sunflower Machinery Co., Ltd. Participated in The 17th Bangladesh Dhaka Textile And Garment Exhibition (DTG)

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From February 1st to 4th, 2024, Jiangsu Sunflower Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the 17th Bangladesh Dhaka Textile and Garment Exhibition (DTG). The exhibition is the largest and most influential textile industry exhibition in Bangladesh. Exhibitors from all over the world showcased the latest textiles and state-of-the-art textile equipment. The normal temperature dyeing machines, industrial dehydrators, fully automatic washer extractors and other equipment we exhibited at the exhibition were favored by friends from all over the world.

Our normal temperature dyeing machine adopts a horizontal drum structure. The inner and outer cylinders are made of high-quality stainless steel. The surface is smooth and corrosion-resistant, causing little wear and tear on textiles. At the same time, the inner cylinder door cover is equipped with a stainless steel safety lock, and the outer cylinder door cover is also equipped with a motor lock, making it safe and reliable to operate. This equipment is widely used in garment factories, washing plants, textile factories, etc. Our industrial dehydrator has a vertical structure and adopts triangular belt transmission, which has the characteristics of small vibration and smooth operation. For customers who require larger dehydration capacity, we have a variable frequency configuration to choose from. The control part of the variable frequency dehydrator adopts an imported variable frequency speed regulation system, which can adjust the machine settings more accurately and has more comprehensive functions. The fully automatic washer extractor is a flagship product with high sales both domestically and internationally. This machine integrates multiple display, alarm, and detection functions and has high cleanliness and high dehydration rate. We can also customize electric heating washer-extractors for users, eliminating concerns about steam availability.

During this exhibition, we had the pleasure of meeting like-minded friends from both domestic and international backgrounds. we can exchange new knowledge in the industry and explore a new future for the industry. After the exhibition, we have maintained close contact and reached in-depth cooperation. This exhibition made me feel a lot. As a domestic manufacturer with rich production experience, our company will delve into production technology and develop more advanced and mature equipment, so that Chinese manufacturing can go abroad and go global! At the same time, we would like to thank our agents in Bangladesh for their support at this exhibition. We hope that we can work together to make our washing equipment shine in the Bangladeshi market!

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