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The Determining Factors Affecting The Hotel's Self Built Laundry Room

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     For hotel operations, in addition to the high cost of washing, the advantage of self built laundry rooms over star rated hotel services is self-evident.

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     Firstly, star rated hotels have clear standards for fabric washing. Hotels can choose high-quality washing chemicals to wash according to the standards, while reasonably controlling the washing process, monitoring the washing effect, and ensuring the cleanliness and softness of the fabric.

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 Secondly, hotels have autonomy in the brand procurement and use of washing equipment chemicals, making it easy to supervise, and can upgrade or replace them according to their actual washing needs at any time. And this happens to be difficult to achieve long-term supervision in outsourced washing.

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    Thirdly, in terms of linen management, by improving quality control, the service life of linen can be effectively extended, and the damage and loss of linen can be reduced. By flexibly configuring the frequency of use according to the needs of the hotel, the reasonable circulation of linen can reduce the backup of linen procurement.

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     Finally, and also a key point is the timeliness of delivery, as the washing is located within the hotel, without considering logistics. It can be picked up as needed, and even if there are hygiene indicators that are problematic, it can be dealt with in a timely manner to ensure that the washing quality meets the standard requirements of star rated hotels and provide customers with a good experience. This advantage is unmatched by outsourced washing.

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