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Hospital Linen Washer extractor 50kgs

Character of Tilting Washer Extractor
A Our Durable Washer Extractor is With Programmable operation panel and with function of Tilting that the operator is able to unload the washed fabric Automatic
B Our Durble Washer Extracotr is With stainless Steel ss304 Washing Drum and chamber house SS304 ,and also with all stainless steel outer sheel
C Our Durable Washer Extractor has Pnuematic Interlock System to ensure the operator1 s safety
D Our Durble Washing machine is With Cold Water Port ,hot water port and steam port
E Our Durbale Washing Machine is With two Water Exhaust Port
F Our Washer Extractor' s shock absorbing system is made of damper and strong springs ‘which will efficiently reduce the shocking during washing
G Branded invert will control the frequency motor to rate in different speed while washing extracting and it will also help to reduce the current of the washer extractor H The washer extractor is with Pnuematic controlled system to do water adding ,steam adding and water exhausting
F Standard offer is with 3 chemical cups ,but we are able to increase the chemical cups into 5 cups if you want to pay extra
  • XGQ-50F
  • 84502012

RC55 IMESA Low Spin Electric Industrial Wsher with 55kg washing capacity.

· IM11 Touch Screen 7 with new graphic layout

·Unlimited programming solutions

· Delay start available

·Programmable water, temperature, engine speed and rotation/break rate levels for total customization of washing cycles

· AISI 304 stainless steel casing, wash drum &spider

· New mechanical door closing system

· New conical port seal

· Balanced hot/cold water fill for energy saving

· New air flow system of the electrical panel for improved efficiency on model

· End-of-cycle audible warning device

· USB port

· Need of fixing to the ground - subframe included-


Net Weight: 1008Kg

Drum Volume: 550lt

Total Power Consumption: 30kw, 3ph 400V+N

Water Connection: 2x11/2Φ

Water Drain: 80Φmm


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