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Which is the best flatwork ironer to buy?

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The flatwork ironer is a machine used to automatically press tablets, pillowcases, tablecloths, etc. Their main function is to remove wrinkles and also to dry linen products. If you want to get a 3 star or higher rating for your hotel or accommodation, you must iron your bed linen. The flatwork ironer is a machine with a large, heated roll, the plates are fed into the roll to iron and dry them. Many considerations must go into choosing an ironer for it to suit your application correctly. You want the most efficient price to maximize the production of your clothes. The iron comes in various sizes and heating options, and various accessories and options are available. So what feature should a good flatwork ironer have? This article is all about this.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Heating options of a flatwork ironer

Production rates of a flatwork ironer

Effectiveness of a flatwork ironer

Feature selection of a flatwork ironer

1. Heating options of a flatwork ironer

Available heating methods include steam, natural gas, oil and electricity.

Steam ironers are the most popular and they require a steam boiler installed in your facility to run.

When the oil ironing machine is working, hot oil is pumped in in a cycle between the drum and the oil heater.

Gas irons are very popular in small and medium laundry shops.

Electric irons are very expensive to operate, and should only be considered when there are no other utilities.

2. Production rates of a flatwork ironer

The output of an flatwork ironer refers to how many sheets it can handle per hour. This is a measure of how many feet of material the ironer can stir per minute. The number and size of heating rollers determine how many pieces can be processed per hour. Each piece of wet paper will take away heat from the roller to evaporate and cool. The faster you try to make the sheets run, the more roller heat you need. If you have a small diameter roller, you will not be able to keep enough heat to process the linen very quickly. If you have a large diameter or multiple large diameter rolls, you can greatly increase the production speed. If you have thousands of sheets of paper processed every day, you will need a high-speed ironer with large rollers. Some models can process more than 800 sheets per hour. For high-production applications, an flatwork ironer with 2,48-inch rollers can dry 800 or more paper per hour at a speed of 135 feet per minute. Only a 24-inch roller can only process 280 sheets of paper per hour..

3. Effectiveness of a flatwork ironer

The main factors that determine the effectiveness of flatwork ironer are contact time and chest/roller temperature. It takes 2000 Btu to evaporate a pound of water. You must transfer enough energy to the linen to completely evaporate the moisture on the linen, so the drain speed of the washing machine will determine how much energy is needed to dry each linen. The more water the linen fabric contains, it means that they must remain in contact with the drum for a longer time, or the temperature of the drum must be higher, or both must make them dry. This is directly related to the number of blocks you can process per hour.

When sizing an ironing machine, a good rule of thumb is: 50% of the daily linen products will be terry cloth, and the remaining 50% will be flat items such as bed sheets, tablecloths and napkins, which will need to pass through theflatwork ironer.

4. Feature selection of a flatwork ironer

The flatwork ironer can be customized with various functions and accessories, and will provide an ironer that is perfect for your operation. Some smaller laundry shops have flatwork ironers, which can be used to iron sheets and sometimes towels. You never know whether what is fed into the intestine is uniform from one end to the other. Sometimes the towels put into one end of the flatwork ironer are thicker than those put into the other end. Because of the "cuffs", one or both ends of high-thread count high-quality sheets are significantly thicker. Since all products move at the same speed (same roll), it is sometimes advantageous to use a device that can adjust the temperature of different sections of the roll. When you need more drying power, you can heat up the tips of your hair.

After reading this article, I bet you already know how to choose the best flatwork ironer now. Our main products has Tilt Washer Extractor, Dry Cleaning Machine.

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