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What to do about wrinkling and curling while ironing fabrics

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What to do about wrinkling and curling while ironing fabrics

Laundry Ironing machine is a kind of laundry machine to be used by fabric washing enterprises such as large laundry factories to iron various fabrics .

The operation principle of the ironing machine is complex,

and the wrinkling or curling of the fabric often occurs during ironing,

which has a great impact on the work efficiency and reducing the service life of the ironing machine.

the editor has sorted out several ironing machines for wrinkling and curling of fabrics when ironing fabrics and solutions,

let's understand and learn the relevant knowledge of ironing machine operation!

hospital Sheet Ironing Machine

Trouble and Solution

1. There is a lot of dirt on the groove surface, and the frictional resistance increases

Solution: Clean the dirt on the groove surface frequently and wax it;

2. There are more detergent residues on the fabric

There is a lot of detergent residue on the fabric, which is easy to cause dirt on the groove surface

Solution: wash and rinse according to the washing procedure, reduce the amount of detergent or increase the number of water passes;

3. Steam pressure and temperature are too low to go up

Solution: increase the steam supply or check the trap, you can first dry the fabric with a dryer until ironing;

4. The water content is too high if the fabric is not properly handled when the fabric is taken off the machine.

Solution: The humidity is too high before ironing, then dehydrate it again, and dry it with a dryer, and increase the de-drying speed for the next dehydration.

5. Uneven pressure on the groove surface of the ironing machine

Solution: Adjust the pressure on the front, rear, left and right sides of the groove and check the matching size of the groove roller.

6. The frictional force increases due to the static electricity on the groove surface

Solution: Adjust the main wash and rinse process and use ironer wax to reduce static.

7. The fabric does not travel smoothly when ironing

Solution: Check the overlap of the bridge.

8. The guide tape is missing or has joint traces

Solution: Connect the broken tape or seam the butt joint.

9. There is no differential speed at the bridge of the ironing machine

Solution: Adjust the diameter of the pulley of the rear ironing roller.

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