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Oil stain removal and washing time control

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The paint dries, hardens and oxidizes when exposed to air, and these stains are difficult to clean after a while. How to deal with newly painted clothes and paint stains that have been left unwashed for a long time?


We can put the newly painted clothes into the industrial washing machine, add hot water, add appropriate banana water, dissolve the rosin, and wash for 20 minutes.

If it is the clothes with paint stains that have not been cleaned for a long time, you can use glycerin and banana water to dissolve, and finally add gasoline and washing powder to dissolve, add washing powder to wash, and finally put it into an industrial washing machine for cleaning.

In the mechanical workshop, there are rust stains and mechanical oil stains everywhere, and workers will inevitably get these stains. These stains are relatively easy to clean with an industrial washing machine in a washing plant facility.


The first is iron stains. If you use an industrial washing machine to clean it, you should first add 50% oxalic acid aqueous solution to the laundry room equipment for scrubbing. The water temperature is generally controlled at about 40 degrees. It can be dehydrated after washing for 15 minutes. After dehydration, just use the dryer.

Mechanical oil doesn't clean up very well. This kind of oil stain is generally recommended to be treated locally first, first wipe it with dry cleaner, anhydrous ethanol, gasoline, and then wash it with super soap. After washing, it can be put into an industrial washing machine for cleaning.

If you grasp the washing time of the industrial washing machine, you will also grasp the cost. How to save the washing time of industrial washing machines?

First of all, when adding water to an industrial washing machine, you must choose a low water level, which helps reduce the waste of water resources. The washing time is about 10 minutes.

The second is the middle dehydration time. The middle dehydration time of the industrial washing machine should not be too long, about 3 minutes, and then directly on the high dehydration for 5 minutes, so that the linen is dry.

The last step is rinsing. After rinsing, choose a high water level. After 2 minutes of washing, you can take off the high water. The other time is the same as the washing process. The entire washing process takes 45 minutes.

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