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What is the best flatwork ironer for hotel or hosptial use?

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Most fabrics processed in professional laundries require final ironing. Items like bed sheets and pillowcases are usually done on a tablet computer. General flat and wall irons are contacted with heated metal boxes by backing rollers.The padding is made of textile materials and has high temperature resistance. This article is all about the types of the ironers, their features, and how to choose them.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is a flatwork ironer

Wall type ironers and their features

Differences between strap-type ironers and chest flatwork ironers 

Factors to choose the right flatwork ironer

1. What is a flatwork ironer

The flatwork ironer is a large-scale commercial electrical appliance, suitable for enterprises with a large amount of laundry, and can automatically iron large objects such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and tablecloths. These mockers are for a duel. In addition to removing creases on these clothes, they can also dry clothes at the same time. They mostly appear in restaurants, hotels and large dining environments.

The flatwork ironer is composed of a large heated roller. In this drum, the laundry is fed. This action passes through the heated drum and then irons and dries the laundry at the same time. Save time and space for your business. Not only is the two important tasks completed at the same time, but there is also no need to purchase special drying equipment for larger clothes.

2. Wall type ironers and their features

The wall ironer is mainly composed of the following parts:

A longitudinal structure, supported by a base frame on two sides, including components such as a control panel or an extraction chamber and a steam extractor.

Heating system (natural gas, thermal oil, electricity, steam).

The heating element is an air cylinder, which is driven to rotate by a motor.

A series of ironing belts press the linen cloth on the cylinder, absorb the water and evaporate, so as to draw or take the water out.

An upper roller presses linen against the ironing belt and gives the ironing finish of the item.

Back roller, ironing belt to maintain tension.

Equipped with a table for inserting the feeding belt of the linen.

A tray for inserting and receiving linen.

Centrifugal pump used to extract steam from flax drying and/or to extract combustion fumes during gas heating.

A system that protects the hands of the operator.

3. Differences between strap-type ironers and chest flatwork ironers 

The way the surface is heated: In the case of a strap-type ironer, the inside of the rotating cylinder is heated, and in the case of a chest flatwork ironer, it is not the cylinder being heated, but the cylinder of the chest rotating.

Ironing pressure method: In the case of a flatwork ironer or a belt ironing machine, the linen is moved between a continuously rotating actual drum and a series of ironing belts that accompany the linen. In this way, the ironing pressure is short-lived, and the pressure is only applied at one point where the linen passes through the roller (using a pressure roller), at the point where the linen starts to contact the heat transfer roller.

4. Factors to choose the right flatwork ironer

The following factors are involved in obtaining optimal drying and ironing, and tells us how to choose the right flatwork ironer:

Chest temperature: This should be as high as possible without damaging the linen.

The moisture nature and quantity of the linen fabric when ironing: higher residual moisture content will require more heat to achieve the best drying effect.

The temperature of the linen: The lower the temperature of the linen, the more heat is required for drying.

Adequate heat supply: The heat supply should be adjusted to maintain the best temperature. The pressure of the rollers on the chest should be as even as possible.

The speed of items passing through the ironing machine should be regular and adjusted according to the temperature.

The number of rollers and speed settings on the flat press.

Cylinder diameter: The diameter of the gasket in the cylinder must be equal to the diameter of the cylinder.

The degree of contact between the roller and the chest: the greater the degree of contact, the more surface contact.

Use elastic fillers: to absorb irregularities and thickness differences in linen.

Steam intake: The higher the steam intake, the more heat is consumed, so the steam intake must be adjusted appropriately.

Now you know how to choose the right flatwork ironers for your bussiness now. Our main products has Dry Cleaning Machine, Tumbler Dryer.

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