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Working principle of hydro extractor?

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The hydro extrator is a machine used in the textile processing industry. It is also called a centrifuge. The hydro extrator is a device that uses centrifugal extraction to remove excess moisture from the fabric. Through this process, approximately 65% of the water is removed. It plays an important role after passing through the dyeing section. The hydroextraction method removes the water dispersed in the fiber through mechanical action (the amount of water varies with fiber type); this process aims to reduce energy consumption, before the final drying of the fabric or between various wet treatment stages get on. In this article we will dive into the working principle of hydro extractor.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Basics about the working process of hydro extractor

Evaluation of Efficiency of hydro extractor

Working principles of hydro extractor

1. Basics about the working process of hydro extractor

Each manufacturer provides a manual, which provides all the information about the hydro extractor and its working process. Through my work experience, I described the working mechanism of a hydraulic extractor. The dyed yarn is packed on the spindle and then into the basket. The basket consists of a central axis, and the head of the arm is placed on the central axis. The wall of the basket is perforated. The rotating basket speed is up to 1500 rpm. Excess water is removed by centrifugal force. Up to 70% of the water is removed by this machine. Then transfer the yarn package to the dryer.

2. Evaluation of Efficiency of hydro extractor

The efficiency of the hydro extractor determines the working power of the extractor, so it is necessary to evaluate the efficiency of the extractor. For this reason, I would like to give an evaluation process of the efficiency of the hydro extractor.


Weight of double-thread covered yarn before dyeing=1.2 Kg

Double line water weight = 3.49 kg

Before Hydro, the weight of water in double yarn packaging = (3.49-1.2)Kg= 2.29 kg

Package weight after water treatment = 2.034 Kg

When Hydro = (2.034-1.2) Kg, there is still moisture in the package

Dewatering with a dehydrator = (2.29-0.834)Kg = 1.456 Kg

Efficiency = {(water quality before hydraulic power-water residue after hydraulic power)-water quality before hydraulic power) X 100% = {(2.29-0.834)-2.29} X 100% = 0.63 X 100% = 63%

hydro extractor efficiency = 63%

After passing through the dehydrator section, the yarn is sent to the dryer section to remove the remaining moisture.

3. Working principles of hydro extractor

Here are the working flows:

(1) Squeeze: Water is dispersed on the surface, except for the internal space, things are removed in the past time the pressure level of the mechanism is applied to the past 2 cylinders.

(2) Centrifugal method: This procedure eliminates the centrifugal force of the largest amount of water dispersed on the surface of the fabric. In addition to being suitable for fabrics, it is also suitable for high temperature resistant yarns and knitted fabrics.

(3) Steam pressure: a high-speed steam jet blows across the entire width of the stretched material through the cloth, in addition to eliminating excess water inside. In addition to steam, the extracted water is also condensed and reused.

(4) Vacuum: This method applies the applied scientific principle of vacuum, except for drying really wet fabrics or fragile fabrics, causing a pressure level that does not stand up to squeeze the cylinder of the unit, which may be detrimental to the surface structure. The stretched material slides upwards through the opening of the cylindrical structure connected to the suction system with an open width. The air sucked from outside removes excess water when passing through the fabric.

Now you know the working principles of hydro extractor now. Our main products has Washer Extractor, Barrier Washer Extractor.

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