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Isolation washing equipment selection strategy

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The biggest difference between hospital linen washing and hotel linen washing is that the clean standard of hotel linen is as long as the surface is free of stains and meets the requirements of the national mandatory standard GB18401 "Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products". There are no strict requirements. The hospital linen washing is more strict in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of WS/T 508 "Technical Specifications for Washing and Disinfection of Medical Fabrics in Hospitals", not only to achieve clean and dry appearance of cleaning fabrics, no odor, foreign matter, damage; meet the requirements of linen physical indicators and microbial indicators.

Judging from the washing equipment commonly used in hospital laundry rooms and socialized medical washing institutions on the market, traditional automatic washing machines, self-tilting washing machines and sanitary isolation washing machines are the main ones. The traditional automatic washing machine has a wide range of applications and can complete multiple operations such as linen washing, rinsing, and stripping; the self-tilting washing machine has all the functions of the traditional automatic washing machine It is more convenient to take clothes, which greatly saves labor and costs; while the sanitary isolation washing machine has all the functions of the traditional automatic washing machine, and has a front and rear double door device, which realizes linen filling and removal through the partition wall. The dirty area is separated separately to avoid cross-infection of dirty and clean linens, and it has unique advantages in the treatment of highly polluted and highly bacterial hospital bedding, surgical gowns, and infectious kelp items.


Important provisions of WS/T 508 on medical washing equipment

Conditions and requirements for use of sanitary isolation washing equipment

The use of a sanitary isolation washing machine requires the establishment of a special sanitary isolation laundry room. In terms of design requirements, it is necessary to partition the clean area, personnel purification, material purification and other auxiliary rooms. At the same time, the comprehensive coordination results of various technical facilities such as production operation, process equipment installation and maintenance, airflow organization, pipeline layout, and purification air conditioning system should be considered.

Sanitary isolation washing machine The whole machine is embedded in the partition wall between the clean area and the dirty area. It has two symmetrical loading doors, front and rear. The laundry is loaded from the door on one side of the dirty area. After washing, it is located in the clean area. Take out the door on one side. This effectively prevents secondary pollution (germs, dust, polluted air) caused by the loading and discharging of the laundry in the dirty area. The advanced sanitary isolation laundry room coupled with the orderly professional management provides safe and reliable services for patients and medical staff, effectively enhancing the professional image and competitiveness of the modern hospital.

With the further regulation of the production quality management requirements of the pharmaceutical industry by the state, the requirements for clean clothes for employees engaged in pharmaceutical production are more stringent. More sophisticated requirements have been put forward in terms of function expansion, washing process flow, and even laundry room settings.

Sanitary isolation washing equipment selection strategy


NO.1 Reliable isolation function

The isolation soft curtain needs to be able to withstand acid and alkali, humidity, and pulling without damage. The internal structure of the equipment The soap solution tank must be used for the treatment of powder soap solution by introducing the powder solution into the equipment through a special soap solution pump, or optional liquid soap solution access, which can effectively avoid the entry of outside air and ensure the isolation effect.

NO.2 Configuration to achieve precise washing process

The equipment must have hardware configurations that meet various washing processes, and the washing process can be flexibly adjusted according to the situation of the linen. Generally speaking, the standard configuration includes double water inlet, single drain, direct steam heating, direct injection powder soap liquid tank. Option configurations include weighing function, dual drain, electric heating function or indirect steam heating function, liquid soap access structure. Regardless of the configuration, it is recommended that the equipment should be equipped with a weighing function. The error rate of the professional weighing system can be controlled at about 2%, which helps to improve the washing effect.

NO.3 Cleanliness

The liner must meet the standard volume ratio, which is specified by the industry standard as ≥10, which can provide sufficient mechanical force for linen washing, which will directly affect the cleaning degree and loading capacity of the linen. In comparison, the inner liner of the whole warehouse structure has a larger washing space for linen than the warehouse structure, greater mechanical force and higher cleaning degree.

NO.4 dehydration G value

The higher the G value, the lower the moisture content of the linen after washing. The efficiency of ironing and drying in the later stage will be higher. The highest G value of general equipment is between 150 and 200G, and the equipment of a few manufacturers can reach 300G. The dehydration G value is determined by the dehydration speed and the diameter of the liner, but high dehydration speed does not mean that the G value is high.

NO.5 Equipment stability

Anti-vibration system structure, the vibration reduction rate of the advanced anti-vibration system can reach 95~97%, and the structure of airbag + damping is the mainstream structure. The support force is adjustable, the vibration is small, the noise is small, and the service life is long, and only the airbag anti-vibration structure can ensure the accurate weighing function. Inner liner structure, the inner liner of the whole warehouse structure has better uniform distribution effect of linen than the divided warehouse structure, and the high take off is more stable. Comparing the configuration of core components such as the material of the main and key parts of the equipment, the function of the controller, and the brand of the inverter, the performance of the product must be closely related to the performance of the device.

NO.6 Efficiency and Benefit

Double drain and triple water inlet function. A water reuse system can be constructed externally to save water, heat and chemical materials. Check the gap between the inner tank and the outer tank and the size of the water tank at the bottom of the outer tank. All energy consumption here is ineffective, so the smaller the better. Pay attention to the positioning structure of the inner bladder brake. It is not recommended to use the brake belt structure containing asbestos, the friction dust will cause cancer, and the EU countries have banned the use.

NO.7 level of intelligence

The mainstream equipment control system adopts PLC control, which is flexible in setting, easy to upgrade and strong in expansibility. Whether the control system has data management, statistical functions, such as workload, linen information and customer information. Whether the control system has remote function, the remote function can realize remote diagnosis and remote service, which can greatly reduce the probability of equipment downtime and deactivation.


With the implementation and popularization of WS/T 508 "Technical Specifications for Washing and Disinfection of Medical Fabrics in Hospitals", how medical fabric washing institutions can carry out standardized and standardized washing management as required to ensure the washing quality of fabrics after washing will become a problem for hospitals and other medical It is an important subject for institutions to improve logistics support and enhance the professional image and competitiveness of modern hospitals.

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