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Commercial Washer 20KG

  • XGQ-20F
  • XGQ-20F
  • 20sets/Month
  • China
  • Wooden Case
  • SET
  • 1SET
Character of this commercial washer 20kg
1. Rear water drainage out-let help up-keep of the laundry room clea and tidy. External oilig apication system of moving componets comply with human engineering and ecology principles, reduce huma fatigue when carrying out maintenace works. Incorporation of variable frequency drive conrol to provide smoth acceleration and deceleration. Flexibl, low noise
2 large stainless steel loading /unloading windon entrane alows easy loading and unloadin, reduces operationgal human fatigue, European door frame design with small gra whch gurantee good sealing effect

3. High quality stainless steel rotating drum with single directonal punched holes, weel polished surfce which prevent fabrics being damaged due to abrasion during washing
4 English display panel coupled with powerful micro -coputer processsoer offering smart and fleible programming functions, self diagnostic system and faults alarm display, built in 40 washing programmers memory. Manual switch ove when controller fault occurs s as to mplete washing cycle manually
5 superior quality teflon rubber O-ring wich seals off the bearing from being in direct contact with laundry water and detergent durin washing. It greatly enhances the life span of the drum bearing
6 "shower spray " TPE of detergent closing system which can accommodate 5 types of detergents, dual drainage system, energy saving and environment freindly. Equipmetns are suitable for gest houses, hotels, resturants, laundry plants and hospitals.

Model XGQ-20F
Capacity 100kg
Drum dimension 700mm*500mm
Motor power 2.2kw
Cleaning speed 30rpm
Extracting speed 850rpm
Steam pressure 0.4 to 0.5 Mpa
Overall dimension 1200mm*1100mm*1650
Weight 2800kG
  model   XGQ-100F   XGQ-50F XGQ-30F   XGQ-20F XGQ-15F 
  rated capacity   100kg   50kg 30kg   20kg   15kg
  drum dimension 1200*840   1080*600 820*550    700*480   650*440
  motor power   7.5kw   5.5kw   4kw   2.2kw   2.2kw
  cleaning speed   30rpm   30rpm   38rpm   38rpm   40rpm
  extracting speed   650rpm   750rpm   800rpm   850rpm   900rpm
  steam presser   0.4-0.5 Mpa   0.4to 0.5Mpa   0.4-0.5Mpa   0.4-0.5Mpa   0.4to0.5Mpa
inventor power   11kw   5.5kw   4kw   4kw   3kw
electricity heating power -----   36kw   24kw   22kw   12kw
water inlet   1 1/2’ ’   1 1/2’   1 1/2’ 1 1/2’   1’
  steam inlet   1’ ’   1’   3/4’   3/4’   3/4’
  chemical inlet   1/2’ ’   1/2’   1/2’   1/2’   1/2’
  overall dimension   1600*1870*2000   1400*1600*1820   1100*1300*1600   1130*1000*1420   950*1000*1470
  weight   2800   2000   890   890   500kg

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