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Routine Maintenance of washing machine

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Routine Maintenance of washing machine

1. After this machine working for two to three months, the triangular belt should be re-tensioning , otherwise belt will slip, causing belt wear and tear.

2. Using  manual oil adding pump, add  lithium grease which containing 10#oil to both the 2ends of the bearing seat, regular running for 500 hours (single class work for 3 months) press manual pump two times.  Dont add too frequent, tilling grease too much may lead to the grease pressed into the washing cylinder, pollute the washing materials.

3. Three-connecting-pieces filter should adding water monthly.

4. Though the shock of the machine is slight, but still will lead the threaded bolts,socket connectors get loosed,  should check whether threaded bolts, socket connectors get loosed, and fastening them, make sure to be safe.

5. Transducer should install in the dry , airy place, son ,this machine should have good airy facilities.

6. When finishing work should turn off the general  power, steam source. Steam vaive . conventional repair and maintenance improve the operational effciency of the machine, reduce the failure rate, extend the life of the machine, and guarantee the safe operation of the machine.


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