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How does a washer extractor work?

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Before the advent of continuous intermittent washing machines, washer extractor have been at the forefront of production plans and are now popular with the public. How does the washer extractor work? What is the function of the washer extractor?


The working principle of the washer extractor

What are the advantages of washer extractor?

Where can washer extractor be used?


The working principle of the washer extractor

Washer extractor operate very similar to the top loaders you use at home, but they may be 30 times larger than household washing machines. It uses a spin cycle to remove water from the laundry, but it does so much faster. They are used in small and medium laundry facilities. Using centrifugal force, just like gravity amusement found in amusement parks, the drum rotates and pushes back the objects, making them close to the inside of the drum to extract water and detergent. Some models are too big for one person to stand inside the drum.


The washing machine extractor is very effective, but its measurement method is different from the efficiency of household machines. A typical washing machine extractor uses 3-4 gallons of water per pound of fabric. In the most efficient machine, only 2.5 gallons of water is required per pound of fabric. Some washing machine extractors have a built-in recycling function to reuse water. There are some auxiliary systems available for devices that are not yet built in. If you add a space, it may become a problem. For equipment that handles 800 pounds or less per hour, a washing machine extractor is a better choice. Compared with tunnel washing machines, they have a less learning curve because they work like residential machines and require manual loading and unloading.


What are the advantages of washer extractor?

The large washing machine dehydrator is carefully designed, has a wide range of uses, has a long service life and is almost trouble-free. The demand for washing machine dehydrator has not disappeared. Manufacturers can find an off-the-shelf market for machines weighing up to 100 kilograms, and larger capacity machines can still be used. Over the years, washing machine-dehydrator technology has been developed. Automatic program control has been introduced, and automatic dry and liquid detergent dispensers have been put on the market. In order to make loading and unloading easier, a tilter was introduced, and then an automatic system was introduced, which can load materials from overhead bags and then load them into the feeding cups of the belt conveyor. There is also a two-door machine that can be installed in the laundry room of the hospital and provides a barrier against cross-infection. There are washing machines for various purposes, from high-volume leasing and cabinet towel factories to "diome operation shops".


Where can washer extractor be used?

1. Many laundry rooms have added commercial washer extractor to continuous washing machines for special classification: rewashing, dust pad and mop treatment, kitchen rags, etc.

2. A place was found in the laundry room of the hospital, in this case the two-door version has been included in the anti-cross infection barrier. Hospitals use medical washing machines to handle dirty or heavily blood-stained linen and categories with heavy ointment staining-all of which require lengthy processing and are not compatible with continuous washing machine cycle times.

3. Owners of low-volume home service laundries still prefer them, and they prefer the versatility and trouble-free long life of washing machine extractors. I recently saw a washing machine extractor more than 30 years old that is still in use and is considered worthy of renovation.

4. The redemption function of washing and dehydrating machines is without exception. Although there is a necessary compromise between washing and extraction, their washing effect is indeed very good. In addition, after being drawn out, the load from the 100 kg machine can be directly directed to the ironing machine without the need for minimal expansion and cold adjustment.


Washer extractor have become more economical in terms of power consumption, and will still have a place in the market. If you are looking for a high-quality laundry washing equipment supplier at a reasonable price, Jiangsu Sunflower Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best Barrier Washer Extractor, Tilt Washer Extractor.

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