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The wine tourism washing market is recovering, how should the washing equipment be maintained?

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After the Spring Festival, a series of cultural and tourism data released by major platforms show that, driven by the liberalization of epidemic control and the introduction of various favorable policies for tourism consumption, the wine and tourism market is recovering rapidly and accelerating its recovery. Laundry factories and hotel laundry rooms, which are closely related to the hotel accommodation industry, have experienced three years of sluggish development due to the epidemic. In the face of the coming laundry tide, what preparations do they need to make to meet the large-scale laundry business? This article will provide references for equipment use and maintenance for many liquor washing colleagues through the professional sharing of Sunflower Machinery.

Hotel washing equipment

Daily maintenance strategy

The main responsibilities of the wine washing factory and the hotel laundry room are to regularly wash, organize and distribute all the linen that needs to be washed in the hotel. The principle of its washing process is: use the most reasonable cost to obtain clean and tidy fabrics. In order to maintain this optimal production state, the service life and stable operation of the equipment are the key. Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of washing equipment has become one of the necessary tasks.


closed type Perklone dry cleaning machine

closed type perklone dry cleaning machine

Daily maintenance

1. Whether the pressure gauge of the filter is lower than 0.1MPA, if it is higher than this value, it means that there are more impurities in the filter and need to be cleaned.


2. Check and clean the distillation box, button trap, and liquid-water separator.


3. Whether there is air leakage, liquid leakage or water leakage in each pipeline and valve.


4. Turn on and off the main power supply, and check whether the displays are normal.


5. Check the triple pressure gauge to confirm that the compressed air is at 0.5~0.7MPA.

weekly maintenance

1. Clean the liquid-water separator once a week, clean up all the sundries in the separator with cotton cloth, and then resume the working state.


2. Check the oil loss in the triple unit, drain and refuel.


3. Wipe the observation holes of each sight glass to prepare for knowing the actual condition of the equipment during operation.


4. Check whether the sealing rings of the clothing door, trap door, distillation box door and other components are damaged.

monthly maintenance

1. Check whether the air pipe joints are leaking.


2. Clean the water inlet filter.


3. Clean the steam inlet filter.


4. Check whether the foundation screws are loose.


5. Check the tightness of the pulley.

annual maintenance

1. Clean up each solvent tank.


2. Clean the plush on the evaporator and condenser.


3. Check whether all lines are loose.


4. Clean up the distillation condenser pipeline.


 automatic washing machine

automatic washing machine

Daily maintenance

1. Clean the appearance of the equipment with a soft cotton cloth to keep the appearance of the equipment clean.


2. Check the doors, pipelines and joints for water leakage.


3. During the operation of the equipment, whether the washing, medium removing and high removing are stable.

monthly maintenance

1. Check the tension and wear of the belt.


2. Fasten the pipeline joints, door handles, screws, wires, etc. after the equipment is shaken off.


3. Clean the soap tank to prevent rust.


4. Add oil to the bearing to prevent wear and tear.

annual maintenance

1. Check the flexibility of the computer board, solenoid valve and pneumatic valve.


2. Check whether the scales of each pressure gauge are correct or have been identified by relevant departments.


Tumbler Dryer

tumbler dryer

Daily maintenance

1. Clean the appearance of the equipment with a soft cotton cloth to keep the appearance of the equipment clean.


2. Clean the lint inside the lint collector to ensure good ventilation and achieve the best drying effect.

monthly maintenance

1. Add lubricating oil to the transmission parts such as bearings to prolong the service life.


2. Check the tension of the belt.


3. Check the contact and insulation of each electrical component.

annual maintenance

1. Check whether the fastening screws are loose.


2. Check the wear condition of the sealing ring of the clothes door.


3. Check whether the scale of the pressure gauge is correct or has been identified by relevant departments.


High speed spreading machine

送布机 图片

As the core equipment of linen finishing, the high-speed cloth spreading machine directly determines the effect and efficiency of linen ironing, and its structure is also the most complicated among washing equipment. Therefore, higher requirements are also put forward in terms of maintenance in order to keep the equipment in ideal working condition.

Stable speed and accurate detection are required to accurately feed the linen into the spreading vehicle. If this requirement cannot be met, it will easily cause uneven spreading of the corners of the linen and affect the spreading effect. In order to ensure that the linen is flattened and will not be torn, the servo motor and transmission synchronization device configured on the spreading machine need to have a stable running state and be fine-tuned in time according to the equipment situation. When putting the linen on the conveyor belt, the left and right spreading devices need to keep the same height, otherwise the linen will be skewed, which depends on the precise adjustment and maintenance of the synchronization device.

It is worth noting that the maintenance of the spreading machine requires professionals to complete. If it cannot be maintained according to the requirements, it will not only affect the quality and speed of the spreading, but also cause damage to the parts over time, and it will cost more to replace it. The loss outweighs the gain .


High speed ironing machine


The ironing machine is a special equipment. It is the only equipment with a large pressure vessel in the conventional washing equipment. Its particularity is self-evident. It is particularly important for its working environment and daily regular professional maintenance, and it cannot be replaced by manual labor.

Since the heating rollers, pipes, various safety devices, and roller ironing belts are in high-speed, high-temperature, and high-strength working environments for a long time, the maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. High-speed ironing machine is very important for the maintenance and daily observation of long shaft parts. Whether the runout of the shaft is within a reasonable range, whether the lubrication and fixing state of the shaft end are reasonable and safe.


2. The lubrication and reasonable tension of the transmission system are also very important for the ironing effect of the linen. In addition to the daily lint cleaning, special attention should be paid to the reasonable use of various lubricating greases.


3. The ironing belt will deform and stretch after a certain period of time. If it is too loose, it will affect the quality of ironing. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the ironing belt frequently.



High speed folding machine


In the high-speed finishing line, folding is the last step of linen processing in laundry factories, and the quality of folding equipment directly affects the final presentation of linen washing quality.


The faster the folding machine, the higher the requirements for the transmission system and control system of the equipment. In order to fold the linen well, the control system is very important, including photoelectric switches, length measuring wheels, solenoid valves, PLC controllers, etc. The biggest impact on the control system is the plush, which will not only block the photoelectric, but also affect the heat dissipation of heating elements such as inverters and controllers.


In order to let users understand the maintenance of folding equipment more intuitively, the following strategy can be used as an effective reference.

folding machine

To sum up, all kinds of washing equipment can only ensure the safety and standard operation of the equipment in the use process only if the maintenance work is done well during the use process. While improving the quality and efficiency of washing and finishing, the equipment can also be guaranteed The service life is extended to help customers reduce operating costs.

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