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Operating Procedures of Washer Extractor

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Operating Procedures of Washer Extractor

A. Startup (washing)

aPress the "Stop" key to unlock the door, put in clothes and soap, and press the "Stop" key to lock the door.

bPress the liquid level key to select the appropriate water level.

CPress the cold water button (the light is on) to add cold water, and when it reaches the set water level, it automatically turns off (the light flashes).

dPress the washing key (the light is on), and the machine operates in accordance with the forward and reverse rotation procedures. Prompt: Repeatedly pressing the wash button will prompt you to perform standard washing, gentle washing, and enhanced washing.

ePress the heating button (the light flashes), and when the protection water level for heating is reached, the heating starts (the light is on). After heating to the set temperature, it automatically turns off.

fIf it is necessary to add the washing liquid again, add the washing liquid from the soap tank on the side of the machine and press the soap cup button (the light is on). After 30 seconds, it will automatically turn off (the light is off).

gAfter washing for about 20 minutes (depending on the degree of dirt in the washing), press the Dehydration key to select Medium or High Dehydration for dehydration. During the dehydration process, the water drainage is automatically turned on (the light is on).

B. Rinsing

aPress the cold water button (light o

n) to add cold water, and it will automatically turn off (light flashing) after reaching the set water level.

bPress the wash button (the light is on) to rinse the clothes.

CAfter rinsing for about 5 minutes, press the Dehydration button to dehydrate.

Tip: To increase the number of rinses, just repeat the rinsing steps.


C. Users can refer to the manual of the washing machine controller for programming. After putting in clothes and closing the door, directly press the "Run" button to use the automatic program.

D. Precautions for operation

a Washing materials should be classified, especially those with severe dirt should be washed separately from those with light dirt.

bDo not put too much or too little detergent into each wash, as too little will increase vibration, and too much will affect the washing effect.

CIf the vibration is still large after 2 minutes of uniform distribution of the machine, add water again for uniform distribution and dehydration.

dThe high stripping time should not be too long (preferably 2-3 minutes), otherwise it will affect the main shaft seal.

 e When the machine is moving, the operator should not leave, and must wait for the machine to stop stably before opening the door.


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