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bed sheets shirt automatic ironing machine YPAII3000

Laundry Shop/Hotel/Hospital/Marine/Army Use Flatwork Ironing Machine hotel bedsheet ironing machine Hotel linen ironing machine steam pressing machine Flatwork Ironing machine bed sheets shirt automatic ironing machine steam pressing machine Flatwork Ironing machine 1. flatwork ironer used Fully automatic laundry flatwork ironer used, microcomputer-controller, freely programmable, 30 possible programmes, operator could set flexible. 2. High quality stainless steel, good appearance, long life. 3. Professional laundry flatwork ironer used machine, full suspension shock structure, low shake, low noise, combination of shock absorbers and springs for maximum absorption, need no excessive foundations. 4. Imported bearing, precise and durable. 5. Fixed screws support for long-distance transportation, avoid shaking damage during transit. 6. High quality inverter system, easily realize washing and extracting frequency stepless adjusting. 7. Multiple sealing system, oil sealing, water sealing, stainless steel sealing. 8. Built-out bearing lubrication, simple operation, convenient maintenance. 9. Safety door lock system, reduce fatigue, misuse and the risk.

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 Laundry Shop/Hotel/Hospital/Marine/Army Use Flatwork Ironing Machine /Flatwork Ironer

Jiangsu  Sunflower  Machinery  Manufacturing  Co., ltd 's  Flatwork Ironer combines the advantage of the same type machines: Heavy duty construction, an attractive exterior, ease of operation, convenient service and smooth running, high efficiency ironing performance

A highly sensitive hand protection board ensure ultimate safety in each phase of the ironing process the seal system uses a high quality swivel joint which ensures a reliable seal and allows easy and simple maintenance.

Our frequency conversion speed adjustment system allows for a continual even flow of the speed which brings more energy saving
Equipped with 2 floatation type condensation traps making it most efficient. This innovative, award winning design has yielded a remarkable degree of energy conservation
Auxiliary stainless steel brackets allow for max. Stability to each flat ironer and eliminates any concerns of rusting

Microprocessor control
High productivity with minimum maintenance
Highest water evaporation capacity
Finger guard protection
Safe and easy to install
User-friendly control. Temperature and/or speed adjustable any time
Frequency inverter
Easy access to all components
Standard automatic cool down
Optimized exhaust system.

Specification of this machine is as follows

Model YPAII3000
Ironing scope 0meter to3meter
Quantity of ironing drum 2
Steam pressure 0.4 to 0.6Mpa
Drum dimension 800mm*3000mm
Ironing speed < =17m/min
Motor power 1.5kw
Power 3HP+N
Over all dimension 4040*2500*1400
Weight 2200kg


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