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Laundry equipments ,washer extractor, tumble dryer for African customer

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Our African Customer prepared to start Middle size laundry shop to offer  laundry service of different type of collection garments from househould and hotels


The Following laundry washing Machines are recommended


2 x 15Kg - High Spin Electric Heated washer extractor.

1 x 25Kg - High Spin Electric Heated washer extractor.

3 x 30Kg - High Spin Electric Heated washer extractor.



2 x 15Kg – Industrial tumble dryer, Electric Heated.

3 x 35Kg - Industrial tumble dryer, Electric Heated.


1 x Drying Calander Ironer, electric heated.

Roller Length : 2000mm

Roller Diameter : 330mm

1 x Steam Press for wet work with inbuilt 9L Boiler.

2 x Hand Ironer with in-built 4L Boiler.

2 x Electric heated Ironing table.


All the listed laundry washing and drying machines are run by electric heated, so you do not need to connect steam or gas.


The MAXIMUM electricity . Power of  listed laundry washing machines are as below.



The machines include 2 sets 15kg washer extractor, 1 set 25kg washer extractor,3 sets 30kg washer extractor. 2sets 15kg tumble dryer, 3 sets 35kg tumble, 1 set 2000mm ironing machine, 1 set steam pressing machine ,2 sets hand ironer and 2 sets ironing table.


We also design the layout of the laundry room. Pls check the laundry shop layout 


If you also need support  of laundry hotel machine, Pls be free to contact me.


We will try our best to offer you the best service.


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