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Hospital Laundry

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Medical and health research believes that all patients are  pathogenic vectors (bacteria / viruses)  ,meanwhile 他和patient and that all patients are easily to be infectious .Hence all the  process of medical fabric  is very important that the picking up , the washing and sending back to hospital ,that the laundry should proof the washed clean  fabric to contact with germ or virus . In this way the laundry shop for hospital is different from the  normal laundry shop that the dirty Area should be isolated from the clean area   

The basic information of the hospital in this program : 

  • The number of beds: 3000 Beds

  • Workings staff: 4500

  • occupancy rate: 90%

The washing equipment is  as follows:

1. Water washing area  
According to the  Washing Capacity  of the hospital ’s medical linen , the laundry room is equipped with 5 sets of  100 kg medical isolated  Barrier washing machines, 1 set  70 kg  Barrier washing machine and 1 set of 30 kg  Barrier  washing machine

The sanitary isolated washing machine divides the laundry room into two separate operating spaces, the clean area and the non-clean area. The dirty fabric   enters  the laundry shop    through the door located on the side of the non-clean area.  The operator will take out the clean clothes in  clean-area to prevent cross-contamination caused by loading and discharging . The entire washing workshop has two  dedicated area (dirty areas and clean areas, meanwhile employees in dirty areas cannot enter the clean area). Car  of dirty fabric  and  car of clean area  cannot be mixed as well  ), special machine for special washing purpose  ,such as operating room cloth is  washed by one or two sets machine only  , meanwhile the fabric such as white coat, patient clothes and  bed linen is washed by some machines else  separately  .  Such scientific laundry process will  guarantees  the hygienic quality of the laundry.

2.Drying Area

The proportion of washing machine  and drying machine in the hospital system is about  1: 0.6. Considering the appropriate washing capacity and the flexibility of operation, We suggest two sets of 100kgs  dryer  and four  sets 50 kg dryers.

3. Ironing and folding Area

According to the washing capacity .one set of automatic Ironing machine with two rollers is recommended , and the roller size is able to be  3 meters or 2.8 meters .meanwhile    one set of automatic  folding machine is aslo recommended

4.  The finish and ironing machine

Most fabric in the hospital need to be ironed manually ,such as  working uniform , patient’s uniform .

Steam generator set with ironers need to equipped  (Usually 8 sets ) ,and  steam boiler for purpose of  disinfection

Need to be equipped as well  

You can see the whole washing process   from the drawing ,it is very reasonable and fluent  that the dirty  area , clean area , drying area , ironing and folding area  The whole laundry process is reasonable, and the equipment is placed transparently, which fully reflects the scientific laundry of "hospital"

The Equipment  List is as follows:



Quantity (set)


BW100 Sanitary Barrier Washer Extractor  



XGQ-70F Automatic Washer Extractor  



XGQ-30F Automatic Washer Extractor  



HGQ-100 Automatic Tumbler Dryer (steam )



HGQ-50 Automatic Tumbler Dryer (steam )



YPAII-2800 Flatwork ironer  (Steam heated and With two rollers )



ZD3000-V Automatic Folding Machine



YTT-1400 Vacuum Ironing table  (With Ironer   )



Disinfection Machine



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