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What is the necessity of choosing a barrier washing machine?

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The cleaning of linen in hospitals and some special production facilities is more stringent than that of ordinary linen. Not only must the clean fabrics be clean and dry, without odors, foreign objects, or damage; they must also meet the physical and microbial indexes of linen. Testing requirements. Therefore, the corresponding higher standards for washing equipment are also proposed, so the barrier washing machine can meet the demand well.

●Barrier washing machine is the demand of enterprises

●Barrier washing machine effectively prevents the spread of viruses

●Barrier washing machine effectively reduces medical costs

●The barrier washing machine prevent cross contamination

●The convenience and innovation of the barrier washing machine 

●Barrier washing machine is expected to become mainstream

Barrier washing machine is the demand of enterprises

Many businesses include a professional laundry service as a side operation (community businesses come to mind), and some of them need Barrier Washers. When contamination, cross-contamination or re-contamination require both regulatory compliance and common sense, those businesses need to use a particular kind of industrial washer and dryer called a Barrier Washer. As the name suggests, Barrier Washers are enclosed by paneling or a wall so that they are the only link between two completely separate rooms; this way, clean laundry never comes into contact with soiled laundry because garments are loaded into the washer on the “unclean” side and are unloaded on the other side: a clean, separate room.This effectively avoids pollution

Barrier washing machine effectively prevents the spread of viruses

In the new crown epidemic in 2020, the hospital is a focal area, and the laundry room is a place in the hospital dedicated to washing and disinfecting medical fabrics. Medical textiles refer to reusable textiles in hospitals, including clothing, sheets, quilts, and pillowcases used by patients; overalls and caps used by staff; surgical gowns, surgical drapes; bed curtains, curtains, and cloths for environmental cleaning , Towels, etc. In order to better carry out the disinfection and sterilization of medical fabrics for the new coronavirus pneumonia, experts from the Hospital Disinfection and Washing Group of the Logistics Committee of the Chinese Hospital Association formulated this management recommendation, recommending barrier washing machines to be used in the management of hospital laundry rooms during the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia.Barrier washing machine effectively reduces medical costs

The current spread of the new type of pneumonia, disposable medical protective equipment is urgent, and the cost is relatively high. It is imperative to use multiple-use isolation protective clothing and other medical textiles that use new materials that meet the national standards for sensory control. However, in order to prevent cross-infection, contaminated textiles must be handled in accordance with Class A management, and most hospitals do not have washing conditions. The washing of these reused textiles related to the epidemic has become a problem.Barrier washing machines have gradually been widely used, mainly for temporary washing in major epidemic situations, mobile washing in the field of the military, and emergency washing in natural disasters. The barrier washing machine can be used as an emergency plan for the washing treatment of medical reuse of infectious textiles.

The barrier washing machine prevent cross contamination

Barrier Washers are mainly used in Hospitals Care facilities (nursing homes, elderly care homes, facilities for dependent or long-term patients)Correctional institutions Chemical/Pharmaceutical plants  Cosmeticla boratories Manufacturing/repair facilities for electronic devices Nuclear plants Mining industry Special operations (firefighting, emergency services).In some of them, the main hazard that a Barrier Washer can prevent is cross-contamination: they act as a means of infection and disease control in hospitals, care facilities, correctional institutions and more.

The convenience and innovation of the barrier washing machine 

The main novelty of this 2020 generation barrier washing machine is the integration of the new ET2 microprocessor, programmed for energy savings and washing efficiency. It can be configured in 37 languages to be accessible to everyone and is controlled by a wide user friendly and intuitive 7” touch screen. The data is analyzed in real time and makes possible to obtain traceability at any time.In addition all the range is equipped with an automatic drum positioning system with brake, 8 signals for connection to dosing pumps as standard, large format doors for comfortable use and a high G factor of 375.machines that have evolved on many points, optimizing their functionalities, ergonomics or aesthetics, which makes them more reliable, profitable and safer for any healthcare facilities.

Barrier washing machine is expected to become mainstream

If you want to meet the sanitary isolation requirements of domestic and international standards, you can consider the sanitary isolation washing machine when selecting equipment. This model can better meet the requirements of strict separation of dirty areas. As people's awareness of hygiene increases, and as hospitals have stricter sanitation requirements for laundry outsourcing, the concept of hygienic isolation laundry is bound to become a mainstream development trend, we also provide Tilt Washer ExtractorDry Cleaning Machine,contact us !

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