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What is a washer extractor?

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 washer extractor machine operates much like a front loading machine you'd find in your home, but they can be up to 30 times larger than a residential machine. It uses a spin cycle to get the water of out of the load of laundry, but it does so at much higher speeds. With much bigger G force than  They are used in small to medium laundry facilities.

●Working mode of washer-extractors.

●Effectiveness of Washer extractors

●Washer extractors improves laundry efficiency

●How to load the washer extractor

●Considerations for washer extractor 


Working mode of washer-extractors.

Commercial washers generally fall into one of two categories – tunnel washers and washer-extractors. They are both able to process high volumes of laundry loads but there are some key differences in how they work. A washer extractor machine operates much like a front loading machine you’d find in your home, but they can be up to 30 times larger than a residential machine. It uses a spin cycle to get the water of out of the load of laundry, but it does so at much higher speeds to get bigger G force . They are used in small to medium laundry facilities.Using centrifugal force, like the gravity ride you’d find at an amusement park, the drum spins and pushes the articles back against the inside of the drum to extract the water and detergent. There are some models that are so large a person can stand inside the drum.

Effectiveness of Washer extractors

A washer extractor machine is efficient but it is measured differently than the efficiency of a residential machine. A typical washer extractor uses 3-4 gallons of water per pound of fabric. In the most efficient of the machines, only 2.5 gallons of water is needed per pound of fabric. Some washer extractors have recycling features built in that allow the water to be reused. There are auxiliary systems available for units that do not have them built in already. Space can be an issue if one is added on.Washer extractors are a better choice for facilities who process 800 pounds per hour or less. They have less of a learning curve than a tunnel washer because they operate like a residential machine that needs to be loaded and unloaded manually. 

Washer extractors improves laundry efficiency

For many years the laundry industry relied on front loading or side loading washing machines with no spin capability. Work was then transferred to a separate high speed centrifuge – the hydro Washer extractors– which reduced the moisture content down to a level at which finishing became economic and productive. The advent of the washer extractor in the 1950s made it possible to wash and extract in the same machine machine ,eliminating the double handling and separate hydro. It was also possible to introduce an inter-spin after the first rinse so that most wash cycles could reduce the number of rinses by one. This meant that a one night hotel sheet for example needed only two rinses, so the washer extractor offered considerable savings in running costs. The average consumption of the old washing machine was reduced from a typical 45 litres  per kg down to below 30 litres per kg.


How to load the washer extractor

 Many times when loading a washer extractor not much thought is given to the clothing  that how a washer extractor  is loaded will affect proper processing of the clothing. But incorrect loading does affect the clothing being processed. Let’s see how. There are four controlling factors to consider when gauging the effectiveness of the wash process. They are:
• Mechanical action
• Chemical type and concentration
• Temperature
• Time

Considerations for washer extractor 

Mechanical action is one of the most important variables affecting wash results. Within the laundry process, mechanical action is controlled by the loading practices used for a given size and type of washer extractor.
• Loading varies with fabric and machine type
• Loading affects soil removal, fabric strength and excessive wrinkling
• Loading influences the costs for labor, chemicals, water and energy

Washer extractor loading is stated as pounds of fabric per cubic foot of cylinder volume. Water and soil amounts vary in soiled fabric from almost zero to a large percentage of the fabric weight. To provide consistent standards, washer-loading factors are calculated on the weight of clean, dry fabric processed.The established conventional loading factor over recent years has been between 5 and 6 pounds (clean dry weight) of cotton fabric per cubic foot of cylinder volume.In the past, calculations for pounds of fabric per cubic foot were based on 100% cotton textiles. However, many of today’s textiles contain lighter synthetic fibers, resulting in lighter weight fabrics. 

Because of this, the same amount of weight of polyester blended or 100% polyester textiles should not be loaded for 100% cotton textiles.We also have Barrier Washer Extractor, Tilt Washer Extractor, if you want to know more,just click us.

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