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What is a barrier washer?

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The so-called barrier washing machine is to completely separate the contaminated and uncleaned clothes from the cleaned and disinfected clothes, and set up a fully enclosed and substantial partition between the contaminated area and the isolation area


● Some areas require the use of barrier washing machines

● How do barrier washers work?

● How are barrier washers different to other types of washers?

● Where are barrier washers used?


Some areas require the use of barrier washing machines

The strict sanitary rules (RABC - EN14065 norm), require powerful machines with special washing processes for hospitals, pharmaceutical,nuclear and cosmetic industries, penitentiary centers, aso.There are quite a few different types of laundry equipment, each designed for a different application and to meet certain needs. One piece of equipment which has been designed for a specific purpose is the barrier washer. 

How do barrier washers work?

Most barrier washers are very simple to operate, and they are also surprisingly simple in the way they work. These washers have a physical wall which separates the loading and unloading side. A person using the machine would put dirty laundry in one side and remove it from the other side when the washing cycle is complete.Although its size might make it seem complex, a barrier washer is simple in its design. A physical wall separates your loading and unloading rooms, with staff loading dirty laundry in the 'entry' side and then (ideally a separate team) the load is removed from the 'exit' side when the wash cycle ends.Using a special ‘dual-door’ system to process laundry capacities between 16kg and 180kg, the 'passthrough' system separates the dirty and clean stages of the process and protects staff while reducing the risk of cross-contamination and Healthcare-acquired infections. The barrier approach is also popular where particle suppression is important, such as in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

 How are barrier washers different to other types of washers?

The most basic difference between a barrier washing machine and a traditional washing machine is that the sanitary isolation washing machine has two front and rear doors, while the traditional washing machine has only one door. The front door of the barrier washing machine is only used to put dirty clothes into the washing machine for washing, while the rear door is only used to take out the washed clothes from the washing machine, and a wall is used between the front and rear doors to clean the washing area (contaminated Area) and ironing area (clean area) are strictly separated, which further ensures that cross-contamination caused by dirty and clean clothing through objects or air is avoided.Unlike standard washers, barrier washers are specially designed to effectively separate clean and soiled linen and fabrics, thereby eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Where are barrier washers used?

There is a particular need to keep clean, disinfected laundry separate from contaminated, dirty lined in hospitals and other health care environments, where hygiene, cleanliness and infection control are all a critical priorities.If cross contamination occurs in patient bed sheets, clothing or any other fabrics which come into contact with a patient,In addition to hospitals, barrier washing machines are also used for Care facilities (nursing homes, elderly care homes, facilities for dependent or long-term patients).Correctional institutions Chemical/Pharmaceutical plants Cosmetics laboratories Manufacturing/repair facilities for electronic devices Nuclear plants Mining industry Special operations (firefighting, emergency services).it could have severe and perhaps even fatal health consequences.A barrier Washer is the ideal way to prevent cross-contamination in large-scale laundry operations. Installed into a physical wall, these 'true passthrough' washers are built to create separate designated loading and unloading areas for best practice infection control, keeping clean, disinfected linen away from contaminated and soiled items.Like the new crown epidemic in 2020, the barrier-type washing machine is particularly important in the county and belongs to a very necessary medical logistics equipment.we also provide Washer ExtractorTumbler Dryer, more information contact us now !

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