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Method of Laundry In Virus Infection Period

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Members and washing companies in the province: 

At present, All the infection patient  are being treated in isolation at designated hospitals   Their condition is stable, and close contacts have been medically observed.

 Members and dyeing companies are requested to attach great importance and do the following tasks: 

  1. Educate employees to take good care of themselves, wear masks, and wash their hands frequently

  2. During the production period, all textile and washing companies can not contact  each other.

      Employees in clean workshops can not  to go to the washing area workshop; 

     outsiders are strictly forbidden to enter the production and processing factory area; 

  3 the production workshop must do disinfection work no less than twice a day, and the proportion of disinfectant

  4  Linen workers at the linen site should wear protective masks, gloves, hats, and work clothes properly before taking up the job, and wear protective masks if necessary.

  5  In the process of receiving and sending, you should receive and send quickly, do not stay in crowded places, and do not shuttle between wards.

  6  Minimize jitter during the collection of soiled fabrics. Infectious fabrics and soiled fabrics are collected separately.

  7  The packaging of infectious fabrics must be handled by special water-soluble infected fabric special disposal bags. 

   8 The packaging container is filled with one wash and one disinfection; the dirty fabrics must not be exposed to the air during the sending and receiving process,

   9  so as to avoid secondary pollution of the fabrics and clean fabrics; the fabric receiving and sending vehicles and transport vehicles should be disinfected before and after use Handle it and record it by a special person; 

  10  if there is any fever, cough, or runny symptoms in the workshop, please report to the company in time, cooperate with the treatment, and report to the association for the record.

  11. The laundry ower should seperate the clean and  dirty fabric in two different room ,in case the dirty fabric infect the  clean fabric 

   12 Meanwhile ,We recommend you to use Isolated type barrier Washer Extractor 

   13 With help of Barrier washer extractor , corona infectious fabric will be well seperated from the the clean  fabric 

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