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How to choose a good washing machine extractor

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Washing machine extractor is widely used and is one of the most popular washing machines on the market. How do we choose a good quality washing machine extractor? Why must we know the correct way to use the washing machine extractor?


What is a washing machine extractor

How to choose a washing machine extractor

What are the consequences of incorrectly loading the washing machine extractor?


What is a washing machine extractor

Washing machine extractor is a category of automatic washing machine extractor in commercial and industrial laundries such as hospitals, hotels, military, railway stations, etc. This stainless steel automatic washing extractor is the first step in the washing process. It has the functions of washing machine and washing machine. The combination of extraction can help operators save water, electricity and labor in laundry systems in hotels, hospitals, military, and railway stations. The capacity of the washing extractor is 120kgs 100kgs 70kgs 50kgs 30kgs 25kgs 20kgs 15kgs for the operator to choose. Using stainless steel washing tubs and washing rooms, the operator can inject different chemicals with different water temperatures in time through the program in the operation panel. This category of washing machine extractor is now the most popular washing machine on the market. The operator can use the washing machine extractor to wash different fabrics from different institutions.


How to choose a washing machine extractor

1. Accurate temperature indicator to verify the disinfection effect

2. Sluice facility can help clean heavily soiled sheets

3. High-speed rotation is essential for economical drying of cotton and flax. Polyester cotton requires a low speed option.

4. Double drain valve can recover the last flushing liquid, realize circular economy

5. Adjust the size of the machine to suit your load. Both underload and overload will lead to poor washing and poor economy

6. Good speed control and cooling help minimize wrinkles of polyester cotton

7. If there is steam, steam heating is faster and cheaper than electric heating

8. The microprocessor can precisely control the water and heating and washing time to obtain the best results at the lowest cost


What are the consequences of incorrectly loading the washing machine extractor?

1. Because the washing machine is overloaded, the clothes may actually be as dirty as they were before the washing cycle. This is because they are not properly soaked, rotated and rinsed, which means that the clothes are not actually washed. Another reason for clothes getting dirty is that larger clothes require more detergent. In fact, the smell from the clothes is the same as when they enter the washing machine, or worse!

2. Because the gasket is designed to withstand a certain amount of load, overloading will put unnecessary pressure on the components of the machine. Over time, this can cause damage or even motor failure. In order to dispel a common myth, socks will not disappear from the washing machine. However, due to overload, they do get stuck in the drain of the washing machine. This may eventually cause the machine to overflow, flood the laundry room and damage it. Avoiding overload is an inevitable choice to ensure the normal operation of your machine.

3. When the laundry facilities of a property cannot work properly, it usually causes a series of complaints from residents. Since overloading can cause dirty clothes and damaged machinery, it can also lead to complaints from residents. When the residents' machines are not overloaded, they will indirectly reduce complaints related to the laundry room from the property management office!


Knowing how to correctly select and use the loaded washing machine extractor can not only keep it clean, but also reduce damage to the laundry equipment. If you are looking for a high-quality laundry washing equipment supplier at a reasonable price, Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products like Washer Extractor, Barrier Washer Extractor.

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