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How to choose Barrier washing machine

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There are various models of barrier washing machines. How should we choose? Generally speaking, we should choose the model that is most suitable for ourselves according to business needs.This largely depends on the kind of business involved.

●Choose according to the requirements of different industries for barrier washing machines 

●Choose a barrier washing machine with high washing efficiency.

●Barrier cleaners must also have special materials that can resist the process used.

●Choose the highest safety barrier washing machine

Choose according to the requirements of different industries for barrier washing machines 

Barrier cleaning machine is mainly used for Hospital care facilities (nursing homes, nursing homes, facilities for dependents or long-term patients) Correctional institutions Chemical/pharmaceutical factories Cosmetic laboratories Manufacturing/maintenance facilities for electronic equipment Nuclear power plants Mining industry Special operations (firefighting, emergency services).Different industries have different needs for washing machines. We first need to choose the model and type of barrier washing machines according to the washing requirements and scale of various fields.

Choose a barrier washing machine with high washing efficiency.

One of the best ways of preventing contamination is to wash and sanitize contaminated linen as quickly as possible: the faster the throughput, the better the result. This issue is connected to the size of the barrier washer but also depends on .The technology used for the washing process: cycle management is fundamental for delivering fast operations without compromising the cleaning result

Barrier cleaners must also have special materials that can resist the process used.

In some of them, the main hazard that a Barrier Washer can prevent is cross-contamination: they act as a means of infection and disease control in hospitals, care facilities, correctional institutions and more. In these cases, the risk stems from the simultaneous aspects of a large number of people sharing the same spaces and the high probability that some of those people are disease carriers. Under these circumstances, the minimum requirement is that it must not be possible to open the Barrier Washer doors for loading and unloading at the same time.In certain other applications, like the electronics industry, where the washing process is very aggressive, the Barrier Washer must also feature specific materials that are resistant to the process employed.

Choose the highest safety barrier washing machine

Make sure every laundry session is absolutely safe. barrier systems guarantee maximum hygiene at every stage of the laundry process, providing round-the-clock peace of mind.

1.Insulation resistance requirements

The barrier washing machine works under humid conditions. Everyone knows that water is a conductor. If the components and wiring in the washing machine are damaged or if water accidentally enters the operation panel, the insulation of the barrier  washing machine will be damaged and become a conductor, which will be very dangerous. For this reason, the insulation resistance of the washing machine is specified in the national standard: the wet and hot insulation resistance between the charged part of the washing machine and the exposed non-charged metal part should not be lower than 2MQ exposed non-charged metal that is not connected to the grounding device In part, the damp insulation resistance value should not be less than 7 MQ. With the development of production technology. In the production of the barrier washing machines, more and more plastic parts and rubber parts are used, which undoubtedly has a great advantage in improving the insulation performance of the barrier washing machine. For example, the use of plastic base makes the insulation between the motor and the outer box and the plastic and rubber support, so that the live part can be isolated from the uncharged metal part to meet the insulation performance requirements.

2.Requirements for pressure resistance.

Pressure resistance is a parameter that guarantees that the barrier washing machine will not be broken down under instantaneous high voltage. The barrier washing machine is required to have a test voltage value of 1500 Y in the hot state or a test voltage value of .50V in the cold state: l:R,'The barrier washing machine can bear 1 ran without breakdown or flash over. This ensures the safety of the washing machine working under special environmental conditions.

3.Requirements for temperature rise of washing machine motor


The temperature rise of the motor of the during continuous operation cannot be too high, otherwise there will be a risk of burning. The washing machine motor uses Class E insulation. When the motor is rated for operation, the temperature rise of the motor stator windings must not exceed 75"C (measured by a specific resistance method).

In order to choose a satisfactory barrier washing machine, we also need to know more about the performance of the barrier washing machine and the latest technology, such as ergonomic design, over-control device, etc,we also provide Barrier Washer Extractor 100kgsBarrier Washer Extractor 50kgs, contact us!


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