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How do you use a washer extractor?

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A washer extractor works much like top loaders you see at home, but they may be 30 times larger than household washing machines. In this article we will talk about how to use it.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

How to load a washer extractor 

The potential problems caused by overloading

Washer extractor loading guidelines

1. How to load a washer extractor

There are four controlling factors for the scientificity and effectiveness of the washing process:

Mechanical action

Chemical type and concentration



Mechanical action is one of the important factors affecting the washing effect. During the washing process, mechanical actions are controlled by the loading practices used by a washer extractor of a given size and type.

Different fabrics and machine types load differently

Load affects soil removal, fabric strength and excessive wrinkling

Loading affects the cost of labor, chemicals, water and energy

The load of the washer extractor is expressed in pounds of fabric per cubic foot of cylinder volume. In contaminated fabrics, the content of water and soil ranges from almost zero to a large percentage of the fabric's weight. In order to provide a consistent standard, the load factor of the washer extractor is calculated based on the weight of the treated clean, dry fabric.

The conventional load factor determined in recent years is between 5 and 6 pounds per cubic foot of cylinder volume (net dry weight). In the past, the calculation of pounds per cubic foot of fabric was based on 100% cotton textiles. However, many textiles today contain lighter synthetic fibers, resulting in lighter weight fabrics. Therefore, polyester blends or 100% polyester textiles of the same weight should not be loaded with 100% cotton textiles. Many washing machine manufacturers, in order to promote their laundry equipment, printed the "pound capacity" of washing 100% cotton on the washer extractor. This number is often misunderstood, causing many operators to overload the machine.

Overloading is not conducive to good laundry performance, it decreases with mechanical action. This is because there is no room in the cylinder for the load to roll over. Detergents and chemicals cannot be properly distributed, tightly packed textiles hinder dilution and reduce soil removal, resulting in poor mechanical action, poor washing quality, and increased stain counts. If the washing machine is overloaded, the clothes in the center of the basket are still dry and dirty.

Each operation requires additional water levels and may require longer continuous flushing times to remove loose soil chemicals remaining in the load. If these supplementary steps are not taken, the load may need to be cleaned again.

2. The potential problems caused by overloading

Clothes are still dirty

Because the washer extractor is overloaded, the clothes may actually be as dirty as before. This is because they are not properly soaked, rotated and rinsed, which means that the clothes are not actually washed. Another reason the clothes are still dirty is that the heavier the clothes require more detergent. The smell of laundry is as unpleasant as the smell of thrown into the washer extractor, or even worse!

Damage the machine

Since the washer extractor is designed to handle loads of specific dimensions, overloading will put unnecessary stress on the parts of the washer extractor. Over time, this may cause damage or even motor failure. In order to dispel a common misunderstanding, socks will not disappear from the washing machine. However, they do get trapped in the drain of the washing machine due to overload. This will eventually cause the machine to overflow, flood the laundry room, and damage it. Avoiding overload will surely make your machine work normally.

3. Washer extractor loading guidelines

Load the washer extractor to 90% of its rated capacity

Make sure all water levels are set correctly

Visually inspect the cleaning wheel. When the load is saturated with water, the wheel rotates clockwise, and the linen should "break" from the 11 am position to the 4 pm position. This provides the necessary mechanical action for soil removal

If the correct water level is set, this method should allow the necessary rinsing and rinsing of the linen, as well as maximizing the chemical performance to obtain clean goods.

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