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How do you use a barrier washing machine?

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According to the standardization steps, the workflow of recycling, sorting, cleaning, disinfecting, storing, transporting etc. Strengthen the quality management of all links, pay attention to the correct washing and disinfection methods of medical linen, and the cleaning and disinfection of barrier washing machine equipment and the environment, strengthen the quality control of cleaning and disinfection, optimize the work flow of barrier washing machines, and improve various monitoring measures.


●The first step of a barrier washing machine is soaking

●Clean the dirt of the barrier washing machine in time

●The linen taken from the barrier washing machine should be dried faster

●Complete all washing steps from the barrier washing machine


The first step of a barrier washing machine is soaking

First, wash it, soak it for 15 minutes before putting it into barrier washing machine, the water temperature is about 30°C, and the amount of water should not exceed about 10 cm of the bedding. Choose some laundry chemicals with sterilization function. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the collected linen needs to be sorted before washing,Soak some special stained linens (with body fluids and excreta stains) separately and wait for treatment. Stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in appropriate strong washing powder. The barrier washing machine needs to be washed one by one according to the standard procedure, specifically: 5 minutes rinse with fresh water, 18-25 minutes main wash (add medical detergent, water temperature 50-75 ℃, if there are special requirements, it can reach 95 ℃ ), drainage, washing with water for 5 minutes (adding neutralizing acid), neutralization for 5 minutes, high removal for 5 minutes, and closed disinfection for 5 minutes to complete the entire set of washing procedures. The detergent also has a sterilization function. The color bleaching water (agent) currently used, which contains sodium hypochlorite, is also the main material of the August 4th. It is often used in the process of washing cotton and linen white clothes. Disinfection and sterilization are all in one step! All linen after washing needs to be loaded into a sealed distribution vehicle before being sent to various departments for use. No linen that can be delivered in time is placed in the UV storage cabinet and so on for distribution, so that the cleanliness of linen can be ensured. Any germ contamination.

Clean the dirt of the barrier washing machine in time

In addition, it is necessary to clean up the dirt in the inner tank of the barrier washing machine and the scale, the laundry free material, and the clothing fiber attached to the interlayer. It is easy to breed a lot of bacteria in the barrier washing machine and bring it to the human body through the clothing. It should also be noted that the environmental sterilization of medical laundry room equipment. Many production workshops are equipped with ultraviolet light fixtures, which can be used to kill bacterial propagules, coronavirus, fungi and chlamydia. Any surface contaminated by the above objects, Both water and air can be sterilized by ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps, many medical workplaces, and places with high hygiene requirements are the main means of ultraviolet disinfection. Many conditional laundry rooms purchase clean cabinets to store linen, mainly sterilization lamps and ozone disinfection mode. Ozone sterilization is a bacteriolytic grade method, sterilization, no residue, broad spectrum of sterilization. In addition, O3 kills mold Function, and there is no toxic residue, O3 is gas, can quickly diffuse into the entire sterilization space, sterilization without dead ends.

The linen taken from the barrier washing machine should be dried faster

The second is the drying and ironing of linen. Linen after washing in barrier washing machine should not be dried indoors, so as to speed up the drying, and use the efficient drying efficiency of the hospital dryer to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The control panel adopts microcomputer configuration, and the digital display of working time and drying temperature can be set arbitrarily according to needs. The drying time can be automatically controlled, and the drying can be automatically performed in reverse and forward. more precise. The medical dryer has high efficiency and quick heating; reasonable structure, low noise; easy operation.

Complete all washing steps from the barrier washing machine

There are three heating methods for steam heating and electric heating, and gas (natural gas, coal gas, thermal oil) for selection. The electric heating tube is made of all stainless steel, which heats up quickly and has high heating efficiency. Bed sheets and pillowcases should be ironed with an ironing machine before they are stored, which can eliminate pathogens that have not been removed or contaminated again during the washing and drying process. Good temperature for ironing cotton sheets is 170℃, silk fabric is about 120℃, polyester fabric is about 130℃, and linen fabric is below 100℃. The order of ironing is to iron the reverse side first, then the front side. Do not fold it away immediately after ironing, hang it up, and store it in the cabinet after the hot air has been released.Integrate and standardize the hospital laundry room management system, make full use of various laundry room resources such as barrier washing machines and medical dryers, and complete the hospital linen cleaning task with high quality. 

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