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Function of hydro extractor

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The hydro extractor is the first process of dyeing knitted fabrics. After dyeing, the knitted fabric is fixed for a period of time, and then water extraction is performed. The hydro extractor is a vital equipment in the dehydration process.In this article we will discuss about how hydro extractor functions.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Basic information about hydro extractor

How hydro extractors function

The technical data of hydro extractiors 

1. Basic information about hydro extractor

The hydro extractor is also called a centrifuge. The centrifuge is used for water extraction (dehydration, pre-drying) of textile materials. The residual moisture content can reach 15%, depending on the type of textile fiber. Centrifuge and perforated drum or basket oscillating vertically in ball joints suspended at three points, there are various designs such as suspension, suspension, cage and vertical centrifuge, there are also so-called sliding bearing such as Sliding-supported centrifuges or horizontal resp. Vertically arranged open-width centrifuges, horizontal centrifuges, warp beam centrifuges, etc. Most hydro extractors have electric drives with a speed of about 750-1200 rpm, generally various ranges of automatic control. For safety reasons, there must be an interlocking lid on the centrifuge, so that the motor cannot be started until the lid is locked, and the lid cannot be opened after the machine is stopped until the basket is stationary again.

2. How hydro extractors function

When used to dewater the loose slurry, the filter cake of loose fibers is transferred from the dyeing machine to the hydro extractor for dewatering, and then enters the fiber opener, which is used as the initial stage of drying in the perforated drum dryer. If an immersion hydro extractor is used, it is also possible to impregnate loose fibers with spinning lubricant. In this case, the substance is loaded into the centrifuge, then the liquid is pumped in (until it covers the substance), and finally the cargo is pumped away by the water. The advantage of this procedure is that the textile material does not need to be treated separately in the dipping tank, and there is no need to reload the wet material into the centrifuge. Dipping the textile material in the dipping basket of the hydro extractor is usually faster and more effective than dipping in the vat. During centrifugation, the liquid is accelerated by the centrifugal force of the cargo to penetrate. In an immersion hydro extractor, several processes can be carried out one after another. However, in this case, separate drainage pipes and tanks must be provided. The centrifuge basket of the immersion centrifuge has a non-perforated shell, which surrounds the cylindrical centrifuge basket (conical at the top) of an ordinary centrifuge. In this way, the liquid can be filled to the height of the upper edge. Only when the basket starts to move, the liquid outwards by the centrifugal force will rise from the basket frame and flow through the upper edge. Loose fiber materials (loose materials) can also be continuously centrifuged. For the dehydration of yarn packaging, in addition to the asymmetric dehydration of the yarn packaging column in the appropriate shaped compartment of the centrifuge, single yarn packaging or symmetrical dehydration of the yarn packaging column rotation can also be used, which can reduce packaging deformation risk.

3. The technical data of hydro extractiors

Working width 1300 mm

Machine speed 5 ~ 30 m/min

This hydro extractor is suitable for water-bath, softener, and inflatable cotton knitted tubular fabrics without tension, with fabric winding, with inflatable balls to control the extrusion pressure of the fabric and control the final width of the fabric.

Automatically control the feeding without tension, no edge printing, and no stretching at the end. Version with simple or double squeeze and infused softener..

Now you know how a dydro extractor functions. Our main products has Dry Cleaning Machine, Tumbler Dryer.

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