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Flatwork ironer at best price

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You should consider a lot of things before buying one flatwork ironer for your bussiness. There are mainly four things to consider: the temperature, the wax, the presure, the meantenance. We will tell more in this article.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The temperature of the flatwork ironer

The wax of the flatwork ironer

The presure of the flatwork ironer

The maintenance of the flatwork ironer 

1.The temperature of the flatwork ironer

There are two types of flatwork ironer available for operators: roller heating and chest heating flatwork ironer. Roller-heated ironers are used more for smaller production operations than for laundries that produce large numbers of high-speed production. The difference between roller heating and box iron is that the roller heating machine does not have a box shape. It is a full chest heating iron, which can be heated or steam heated. Unlike a series of belts and pulleys that pass linen through the iron for processing, drying and pressing, this chest full heating iron clamps the fabric to a hot metal and bring into the machine between the box and a roll of cloth.

On the roller heated ironer, the temperature is distributed on the roller itself, while on the chest heated ironer, the temperature source comes from under the chest. If the heat is transferred through gas, it is an independent device; if steam is used, it is maintained by the boiler.

The key is to use the right temperature for all textiles.

2.The wax of the flatwork ironer

Tthere are several factors to consider. For an flatwork ironer with a heated chest, one may be wax accumulation or waxing.

When you deposit and dispose of wax or chemical substances, it will produce friction, which will cause poor handling and poor handling capabilities to the flatwork ironer itself.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use a cleaning cloth every day. The way of waxing varies from operator to operator, sometimes even every day, depending on the output of the laundry room.

No matter what type of ironer is used, the vacuum cleaner must be turned off when waxing. If you do not turn off the vacuum, your pad will be clogged with wax, which will pull the wax into your piping system by suction.

Proper temperature is necessary for good waxing.

If your wax does not have enough temperature, the wax will not melt and lubricate the chest

3.The presure of the flatwork ironer

Assuming that the chest cavity is clean and waxed, pressure may be the most important aspect of flatwork ironer 's treatment. The pressure is generated by the filler and spring around the roller.

4.The maintenance of the flatwork ironer

Some flatwork ironer machines use scrapers instead of guide belts to guide the flax off the rollers. These scrapers must be maintained.

We recommends using a workshop vacuum cleaner to clean the internal panels, controllers, sensors and other sensitive parts of the flatbed polishing equipment to avoid pushing dirt and lint further towards the machine. This will not only cause long-term maintenance problems, but more importantly, it will cause fires.

You have to make sure that there is no dust and dirt around the items, so as not to cause fire and/or hinder production.Make sure you clean the burner and gasoline car of the flatwork ironer. 

Check the heat exchanger, seals, chain tension, carbon brushes, grease chains and joints every month. The gearbox lubricating oil is changed every few hours every year, and the boiler is inspected and certified to ensure that the steam iron is operating normally.

Be sure to use the correct oil, gasket and spring. On the manufacturer's suggestion, in order not to cut corners, I can't say enough. They are the company's experts, and they hope you can succeed too.

You may know what to consider now before buying the flatwork ironer. Our main products including Washer Extractor, Barrier Washer Extractor

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