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Advantages and disadvantages of steam iron and flatwork ironer

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Ironing clothes is a difficult, time-consuming and tiring task. Using a steam iron helps to give your clothes a crisp and polished appearance, making ironing faster than ever. Newer iron models use steam because steam can complete the work faster. Therefore, if you want to spend less energy and time on ironing, investing in a steam iron may be beneficial. However, everything including steam ironing has pros and cons. Comparing to steam iron, flatwork ironers are machines used for hospitals and hotels, with much more productivity.Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam ironing and the flatwork ironer.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Advantages and disadvantages of steam ironing

Advantages and disadvantages of flatwork ironer

1. Advantages and disadvantages of steam ironing

(1) Steam ironing advantages

l Safety first

it is important to ensure that you operate any electronic equipment safely. Fortunately, there is not much to be careful about with steam irons. The new steam iron model is equipped with an automatic shutdown option. If the iron stays still for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn off, which helps reduce any risk of accidents.

l Vertical ironing

This is very convenient when you need to iron thick and long curtains, so you don't have to take them to iron. You can iron them vertically without any inconvenience.

Steam generation-for wrinkle-free and super crisp clothes, steam is the key. A separate boiler is where you get powerful steam because of the iron of the steam generator. Powerful steam is necessary for ironing your fabric, adding more steam advertising more pressure to the fabric, giving it a perfect professional level.

(2) Steam ironing disadvantages

Although steam ironing is simple and magical, it also has its disadvantages.

For fabrics-steam ironing is not suitable for all fabrics. It is not suitable for heavier fabrics, such as polyester blended fabrics or wool, and steam is not enough to remove creases. Steam ironing is most suitable for lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Constantly replenishing water-replenishing the iron cycle is very important, because steam cannot be produced without water. If the device has a small reservoir, you need to refill it frequently. The solution is to store a lot of water around you when you start ironing your clothes.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of flatwork ironer

Here are some advantages and features of flatwork ironer machine.

(1) quality

All the elements to form the flatwork ironers in the PC series design.The most advanced electronic equipment provides you with high-quality ironing quality.

(2) effectiveness

Combination of high productivity provided by independent motors.

For each roll of flatwork ironer, high bed and heat transfer coefficient.

Controllable ironing pressure turns your business into efficiency.

(3) Robustness

The extremely durable structure of the PC series makes the flatwork ironers highly durable

Resistant to mechanical stress and thermal expansion.

(4) maintain

The best design of the flatwork ironers reduces the wear of consumables

Fill and reduce maintenance work.

PC series flatwork ironers components are easy to access and easy to maintain

Tasks are simpler and working hours are shorter.

(5) Heat recovery technology

Use existing heat to achieve higher performance.

At the same time, the laundry environment is more comfortable for the operators because heat is captured in the flatwork ironer, to improve operator productivity.

(6) The longer the life, the higher the return

PC series flatwork ironers have a long service life to ensure uninterrupted work

And the return on your investment. PC series is supported by a 7/5 3 years

(7) Ensure high quality.

Equipped with a large ironing surface, the bed between events is a bridge

Maximize the use of heating surface area to achieve better heating effect

The quality and temperature are uniform and will not damage the flax.

The design of the coil ensures uniform heating of the ironing surface.

The maximum concentration of pressure gradient ensures high quality ironing.

Floating, self-aligning system to make the flat press cope

With the increase of thermal expansion and mechanical stress, maintaining a

The pressure distribution is constant over time.

(8) Direct transmission

Gear motor transmits power to each roller independently

Electronic control through the latest generation of encoders and inverters

In this way, the relative speed between roll speed and roll speed can be adjusted.

(9) Plug and easy installation

PC series design provides convenient transportation and installation.

Start-up is flexible, fast and simple, thereby reducing installation time.

(10) Gas filter provides maximum efficiency

The efficiency of PC series gas heat exchanger is 93%

The reasons for this achievement are as follows:

A spacious combustion chamber: the flame never touches the pipe to avoid cracking.

Multi-pipeline: the oil circulates through four sets of pipelines to achieve a

Higher heating surface area-improved efficiency.


Now I bet you understand the differences between the steam iron and the flatwork ironer, and the benefits of each of them. We also provide Barrier Washer Extractor, Tilt Washer Extractor.

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