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How to grasp the washing quality of medical linen

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Medical linen washing is one of the important supporting services in the medical industry. It is an important logistics support professional service. The quality of medical linen washing is directly related to the satisfaction of hospital patients, hospital image and social evaluation. To a certain extent, it affects the image of medical and health units.

How to grasp the washing quality of medical linen

The importance of quality management of medical linen washing

The dirt and stains on medical linen are mainly drug stains, blood stains, human excrement, pathogenic microorganisms and other pollutants. It is extremely important to prevent cross-infection of linen and the spread of pathogenic microorganisms during the washing process. Handing over to patients for use without thoroughness will cause cross-infection and endanger the lives and health of patients. Therefore, the linen provided by the medical linen industry must be clean and hygienic, and no pathogenic bacteria are allowed to be carried. At present, the country has not yet issued a standardized document for the quality standard management of medical linen washing. Therefore, to ensure the washing quality of medical linen, we wash Practitioners must consciously control the quality of each step of the washing process, and improve the standardized construction of washing quality standards management.

Quality Standards for Medical Linen


sensory criteria

No stains; no cross-coloring (except for linen); white linen has good whiteness, no graying or yellowing; work clothes, quilt covers, and bed sheets (without elastic bands) are ironed and stretched smoothly, without peculiar smell, foreign matter, and damaged.


Microbial indicators

Total number of bacteria: According to the 2002 edition of "Disinfection Technical Specifications": <200cfu/625px2.

Pathogenic microorganisms: shall not be detected.


pH value

The pH value is between 6.5 and 7.4.


practical standard

The linen will not turn gray, harden or be damaged after 100 washes.

Important Factors Affecting the Washing Quality of Medical Linen


water quality

During the washing process, hard water will cause damage to the washed clothes, make white clothes gray and yellow, destroy fibers and colors, and make clothes hard. Minerals in hard water have a certain catalytic effect on bleaching water (agent). Decrease the fastness of the linen, and in severe cases, the linen will be damaged. Most of the washing water in the laundry center needs to be softened.


sorting, pre-washing

The returned linen must be sorted and pre-washed. The sorting types are as follows:

1. Work clothes for medical staff, linen for medical staff on duty

2. General ward linen

3. Contaminated linen (linen that may be contaminated by human excrement, blood stains, etc.)

4. Infectious linen (the source of infection can be confirmed, such as linen in infectious disease hospitals and infection departments)

The sorted linen is put into different washing machines according to the type. The installed capacity of the washing machine is controlled at 70%-80% of the total installed capacity, and the necessary sufficient liquid flow space between the linen and the appropriate detergent concentration are kept for repeated impacts, peeling away dirt, and ensuring the quality of washing. Avoid excessive installed capacity affecting the washing quality, in order to prevent the misunderstanding of saving time and energy.

The above 3 and 4 types of linen must be pre-washed. Blood stains, human excrement drug stains, etc. are proteinaceous dirt. Pre-washing at low temperature and low water level can moisten and penetrate the linen, disintegrate the stubborn dirt molecules that have dried or entered the fiber, and make the linen easy to wash, avoiding direct washing at high temperatures The resulting linen turns yellow and black, ensuring the quality of washing.


Sterilization and disinfection of medical linen

Sterilization and disinfection of medical linen can be accomplished through three aspects: high temperature, dry heat, and chemical disinfectants.

High temperature, dry heat: Medical linen can be finished by washing at high temperature above 80°C for 10-25 minutes, then drying at high temperature and ironing.

Chemical disinfectant: Soak in chlorine bleach for 25 minutes to achieve the disinfection effect.

High temperature, dry heat, and chemical disinfectant input, after three steps of high temperature washing, drying, and ironing, ensure that the medical linen washing process meets the sterilization and disinfection standards of the Ministry of Health. The climate in the south is warm and humid, which is conducive to the reproduction of bacteria. The corners of the washed medical linen should not be wet to prevent secondary pollution.


Employee business skills

Due to the uneven quality of employees and the high turnover of personnel, as a medical and sanitary linen washing organization, it should pay more attention to on-the-job training of employees. It is necessary to constantly publicize linen quality management standards, post work procedures, washing operation procedures, etc. to employees. Inform the washing quality situation before each shift every day, explain the new washing process, and promote the improvement of washing quality.

How to grasp the washing quality of medical linen1

Future development of medical linen washing

Facing the rapid development of the washing and disinfection industry, medical linen washing practitioners are constantly emerging with different textures, fibers, colors, and styles. They must also use new washing techniques and methods, by adjusting water temperature, time, machinery, etc. According to different conditions such as power and detergent, wash differently according to different dirt.

In the future, we will strive to improve our service capabilities and the quality of washing and disinfection. In the process of washing, decontamination, bleaching, neutralization, and softening, we will use the principles of reducing pollution, low-carbon green, protecting the environment, and providing safe and hygienic medical linen to create medical linen. A new benchmark in linen washing quality.

Continuously study the appropriate washing procedures and standards, improve the standardized formulation of quality standards for medical linen washing, strengthen quality management and supervision and control, make our linen washing work stylized and standardized, and wash operations standardized, so that medical linen can be obtained Maximum protection, prolonging the service life of the linen, ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of the linen, meeting the requirements of the front-line use of medical and health units.

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