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Working Environment of Washer Extractor

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When the temperature is under zero , the left water inside the drum maybe frozen ,but if the temperature is over 50 ℃ ,it will cause the motor over heated , and some other electricity parts on the machine may also have trouble , so please install some special heat radiator in the laundry shop



If the environment humidity is over 90% ,the electricity parts and the motor may have trouble , or the earth line could also be failed in connecting the earth . and the parts of the machine may also get rusty



If there is tumbler dryer  ,ironing table ,steam generator set in the laundry house ,the laundry house must have ventilate device

Electromagnetic radiation

  If there is some equipment has problem of electromagnetic radiation ,please do some screening



The autitu  is 1000 meters above the sea , please pay attention to the specification setting of   water pressure and the power (especially the temperature )Otherwise the machine might not be able work normally



Make sure there is no left of machine on the surface of the stainless steel ,and in some occasions , it may cause some parts in trouble


Importance notice : please don’t put the chemical of inflammable and highly volatile into the machine , and it is forbidden to clean the machine by ketong ,gas ,benzol  ,otherwise it will cause damage to the human being and the machine itself



Please don’t spray water on the machine to clean it , otherwise ,it may short the electricity circuit and cause damage lose , and please replace the sealing parts if the machine have leaking problem



If you want to machine’s life last longer ,please applied proper protecting method during the process of the transportation and storage .and the environment is arrange from 25 ℃ to +55℃ , and the it is allowed to stay in the temperature around +70℃

In short time ( less than 24 hours ) ,and please make sure there is NO HUMIDITY ,NO SHCOK AND ATTACK at the machine 

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