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Which type of tumbler dryer is best?

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After you wash a lot of clothes, if the weather turns and you can't hang the clothes on the clothesline, which is really frustrating. If you don't have enough space to dry your clothes in your home, or you have to wash several clothes a week, a tumble dryer is the ideal choice. There are three kinds of tumbler dryers available, so which is best suitable for you? Let's find out.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Types of tumbler dryer

Which type of tumbler dryer is best for your application

1. Types of tumbler dryer

Just like deciding which washing machine to buy, you have to consider several options—how much capacity should you buy? Should you choose a independent one? Before you start choosing a design, you first need to decide what kind of tumble dryer is suitable for your home.

There are three main types of drum dryers:



Heat pump

2. Which type of tumbler dryer is best for your application

(1) Ventilized tumble dryer

The Ventilized tumble dryers are cheaper, but they need to be placed near windows or walls. ventilated tumble dryers are the most affordable, but not suitable for all households. When your clothes are drying, the water on your clothes must go elsewhere.

The ventilated tumble dryers discharges moist air through a hose. Because of this design, the ventilation dryer needs to be placed near the window, where you can transport the hose to the outside, or near the wall, so that the air can escape through the fixed hose on the wall.

The ventilated tumble dryer is very suitable for those who live in a shared or small apartment because they do not have enough drying space.

(2) Condenser tumble dryer

The condenser dryer allows you to freely place them anywhere in the kitchen and collect water in a house.

The working principle of the condenser tumble dryer is different from that of the ventilation dryer, and no hose is required. This means you are completely free to choose where to put it.

The condenser tumble dryer does not exhaust the air through a hose, but sucks out the moisture on the clothes, and then collects it in a container placed inside the machine. Some models of washing machines pump the water out through the pipes of the washing machine, but if your washing machine is a standard model, you only need to empty the container after a few loads.

Some condenser dryers have a sensor drying function, which automatically calculates how long your clothes need to be dried, and stops when the drying is complete. This can reduce household expenses and prevent energy waste.

(3) Heat Pump Condenser tumble dryer

The most energy-efficient tumble dryer with ultra-quiet performance and top-level clothing care

Much like a traditional condenser dryer, the heat pump model collects moisture from your clothes in a container and can be placed anywhere in your home.

The main difference between the two is that the heat pump tumble dryer is more efficient by reheating the air passing through the drum. When moisture condenses in the container, the warm air will circulate again instead of being emitted, which means you can use less energy and reduce costs.

In conclusion, a ventilated tumble dryer is usually the most affordable and one of the best options you can find under £200. Choosing a ventilation device means you will miss certain features, and it is also noisier than some. The condenser tumble dryer are energy efficient and could be placed anywhere in the house.

But if you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on a tumble dryer, ventilated tumble dryer, Gas Heated Dryer, Flatwork Ironer is good for you, it will dry your clothes in about 120 minutes. 

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