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Washer Extractor 100kg ,50kg Installation Instruction

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This is manual to instruct   you how to install our 50kg washer extractor and 100kg washer extractor


1 before the machine is at workshop   ,please make sure the floor is well leveled  and cleaned  . the water pipe is at least 4 meters above the floor  .

2 when you get our washer extractor  , Please check the machine whether it is in good condition . 

3 take off the stainless steel outer panel  of washer extractor ,you may see the machine  look like this


And Please check the machine’s bottom ,please find all the transportation brakes ,and take them  off

100kg washer extractor ‘s brakes  are at its right  side and left side

50kg washer extractor’s  may also have  brake at its back 


4  water pipe to washer extractor are installed on the wall by triangle supporting steel

Just Like following photos and the main  branch water pipe is more than  2’ ,and it is able 4  meters above the floor  to make sure there is enough water pressure 


 5 The washer extractor ,steam heated type, has steam inlet port ,water inlet port , please connect water to the water inlet port ,and connect steam into the steam inlet port .

If you have problem in telling water inlet port from steam inlet port ,please check their size ,the pipe with bigger diameter is for water  ,the smaller one is for steam.

Notice .the washer extractor which heated by electricity ,only get water inlet port


Please install manual valves between machine and water sources ,as well as steam sources 


6 You can connect the electricity to the washer extractor  at its electricity box ,Please connect electricity to where Marked “A B C N “

7 Last step is connect air compressor the washer extractor  ,to the air port of washer extractor ,where is at back of washer extractor .  


8 After all the jobs has done ,I think Now you can turn on the water ,steam ,air and electricity

To test the machine

During the process of transportation ,there are some dusty into the machine , we suggest you to wash the machine with clean water

9 if the machine goes all right ,please install the outer panel the machine ,to make this machine looked nice 

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