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User Manual of Industrial washing machine

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Chapter 1 Introduce

1 such  machines are applied in horizontal type ,and the inner drum all made of stainless steel ,and they are eroded proof  ,so the machines  never be hurt the textile that washed by them.

2 such machines are Safe for the operator because there are incorporated lock on the inner door ( the door of the cylinder)and electronic  interlock on the shell door .If the doors are not closed  properly ,the machines are disable to start , besides  the machines will stop as soon as the doors being opened during the machine’s  running to ensure the safety of the operators

.chapter 2 User Manual

1 Open the shell door and inner door , put  the textile into machine in equality ,then close the inner and shell door .

note:The textile can not be too much or too little ,otherwise it would  effect the efficiency and the quality of the washing

Make sure all  locks being locked properly in case of a accident

2 Open the water inlet valve until the water level reach the request ,then open the steam inlet valve till  the temperature of the water is proper(the temperature of  water for cotton is usually form  60 centigrade to 70 centigrade ,temperature of water for man made fiber and silk is form 30centigrade to 40centigrade )

3 Add proper chemical powder or liquid of  washing , turn on the switch (on the operating panel ) to manual position , to control the drum ( mainly the cylinder for washing )

4 Turn the switch to auto position , the machine will run automaticly

5 After washing ,open the outlet valve to let the dirty water go out

6 Let some clean water in once again,and repeat washing for two or three times

7 After cleaning , let the water go out and stop the machine .if the inner door does not face to the outer door , turn the switch to manual position,and adjust it

8 cut off the power , open the inner door and shell door ,take out the clothes .


chapter 3 Summary of Electric Operation

1 power : three phase ,four  lines ,380V ,50Hz

2 protection and interlock : fuse breaker and overload breaker are all used for protecting the circuit of machine and controlling circuit

3:manual :turn the switch on to manual position, and then press the direct button or back button ,then motor will drive forth  or back . :turn the switch to automatic position , the machine will work according to the time controller , turning forth  and back , and if you want the time being set , try to set working  time by time set box .


5 electric theory figure (figure 1,figure 2)

chapter 4 Machine Maintenance

1 all the bears of the machine  have lubrucation oil cups , to lubricate the bear . after running for some days , the bears are needed to  be lubricated (grease )

2 the tension of the triangle belt must be proper

3 during its  running ,the can not open the the electric controlling case ,  both left side and right side  ,all the eletric components have to  be kept cleaning ,check the machine seasonal

4 the brake of the motor has been well set in the factory  , but if the brake doesn’t work properly after it works a period ,please do some adjustment .if the belt of the brake run out ,the machine cannot be started until the belt is  replaced

5 after end the  working , the water in the machine must be out thoroughly , and the machine should be kept cleaning

6 if there is something wrong with the machine , it must be stopped to be checked , and check it once time every one year normally 

chapter 5 Installation

1 before installation , the transfer of the machine , the position of the pipe water inlet port and steam inlet port and the

position of exhaust drain must be carefully considered

2 the machine must be set to a stable and solid ground  (the ground must be clean and level ),and be fixed by anchor and bolt .

3during the installation ,to make sure the machine is well leveled and runs without shake

chapter 6 Note

1the woolen clothes  ,gauze ,socks ,bandage ,and small fiber things for washing must be put into a gauze bag before washing

2 don’t leave the machine in the strong sunshine or other  hard environment

3 for the sake of safety , the machine must be fixed on the ground

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