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Trouble Shooting of heating problem of Laundry Washing Machine

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Trouble Shooting of Laundry Washing Machine heated by electricity and steam type 


1、 Please check whether the steam soleniod valve get trouble  ,if the soleniod get trouble , the steam will have problem in getting inside the machine 

     Solution :Please check whether the  coild of soleniod valve get burned  ,if the coil get burned ,please replaced it 

                   And we hereby to suggest our client to instal pnuematic controlled valve rather than soleniod valves that 

                    the pnuematic controlled valve is more reliable 

2、Please also check the steam valve  between the steam boiler and the  laundry washing machine , whether the such valve is blocked 

    Solution : If the valve is blocked ,please  dredge it 

3、If the Laundry Washing Machine is heated by electricity ,please check whether  there is current in the electricity  contactor coil ,if there is no current ,please replace the contactor 

4 、 If the electricity heater is  burned ,the heater   can not work as well 

   Solution : Replace the heater 

5、Temperature probe trouble 

      If the temperature probe get problem , the  operation panel  can not send signature to soleniod valve or heater 


     Solution : Please check whether the lines of temperature probe is cut off  , if the lines get cut off ,please replace it 

       Other wise   please replace the   temperature probe 



    If there is no such damage metioned aboved  ,please check whether the operation panel works well 

    If the operation panel get problem ,please replace it 

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