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Trouble Shooting of Laundry Washing machine ---Leaking Water

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Trouble Shooting of Laundry Washing Machine --50kgs  70kgs  100kgs 

The bottom of the washing bucket is leaking. The reason might be as follows :

A  the failure of the main shaft seal ring 

B the seepage of the center part of the washing bucket

C The poor quality of the washing barrel or the poor quality of the enamel and the partial cracking of the enamel lead to the seepage of the washing bucket around the bucket. D The joint of drainage pipe and drainage valve is not tight, and the drainage valve accessories in the rear of industrial large washing machine leak.

E  The drainage pipe is scratched outside and produces leakage. 

Please ask the engineer to check the possible that causing the leaking problem ,so that you can take  corresponding measures , such as replacing industrial washing equipment, large washing machine sealing ring, sealing filler, blocking weld, reinstalling drain pipe and drain valve, repairing drainage pipe and so on.

If you need to replace the  the spare parts of bearirngs or bearing house ,please feel free to contact us 

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