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Solution to washed Fabric has yellow spot

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Charpter One   

Some times ,the washed linen will get yellow or even get dirty spots on it .

Why such problem happens ?

Some operators do not know what is the reason 

But Haifeng Laundry Machine Co,.ltd thinks the main reason is that the laundry washing machines has too much dirty things attached on its washing chamber 

And the laundry washing machine has been working too long time  without cleaning 

The  best solution to this trouble is to clean the washing  machines washing chamber 

Yellow Spot

                                                                        Linen With Yellow Spot 

Chaper Two  

The process of cleaning the laundry washing machines chamber is simple ,which is as follows 

Step 1 :  Injest the cleaning chemical into the laundry washing machines drum 

       and add the water into the machine till the middle water level  

Step 2 : Invade  the washers drum and washers chamber into water from one hour 

       and heat up the water till 40 centrigrade

Step 3  : Choose standard washing progress ,keep the machine washing for 5 minutes to 10 minutes ,

       keep invading the washers drum and washers chamber into water for another 2 to  3 hours ,

       if there is too much dirt ,you could repeat washing another 5 minutes and repeat invading for another hour

Step 4 :  Water exhaust then adding more clean water into the washer ,run the machine at stardard washing program,including  

        extracting steps 

Step 5 :   Please check how is the exhaust water from the machine ,if there is still too much dirt in the water ,

        you could repeat step  4

The above method will be good for automatic washer extractor and  horizontal type belly washing machine 

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