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Society Laundy Shop

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The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Shop in community will offer washing and ironing service for residents  in the community  . The biggest character of such Dry Cleaning and Laundry Shop it that it has combined function of washing and dry cleaning .meanwhile the size of dry cleaning and laundry shop  is usually not big  for sake of the size of the  community ,and most of them attended the  branded  Chain  laundry shop

This kind of Dry Cleaning and Laundry Shop  has two parts ,which is front receipt and the back washing plant .The whole place looks not big ,but  the owner or laundry manager must be talent that he needs to know how to manage the clients ,meanwhile he also need to the washing and ironing technology in the  dry cleaning and laundry shop , some times he needs to finish thousands of garments in one months and no mistake is allowed ,all the whole process is not easy and simple  .Some  owner wants to buy household type washing machine and drying machine to reduce  

the cost in the beginning , but since the household type are designed to serve one family and to wash once or twice daily ,they will have great problem in heavy duty laundry job .and those machines will hardly accomplish the jobs.

More over, the industrial and  commercial  purpose  will wash  and clean better of huge fabric such as  big curtain, down clothes  and so on   

And The followings Machines should be equipped in the  Dry Cleaning and Laundry Shop :  Automatic Washer Extractor , Dry Cleaning machine , Drying machine, Ironing and Vacuum Ironing table, steam pressing machine, steam generator set, stick maker, working table, charging computer, Garments Hanging machines and so on  

In this plan, the operator uses one set of 30 kg Haifeng brand automatic washing machine. This series of washing machine has  the cage (inner liner), frame structure, vibration isolation structure, appearance treatment, etc. The washing machine can work continuously for 10 hours per day under high strength Designed for the requirements of washing tasks. In the process of washing , customers can design programs according to the type of fabric, so as to accurately control the washing time and chemical input to achieve the effect of saving time and energy. 

The clothes dryer uses one set of  30 kg Haifeng automatic clothes dryer. This series of clothes dryers use automatic controlling panel  and after   the drying time is set up , the dryer will  automatically dry forward and reversing, and after drying time is up, the tumbler dryer will automatically stop, meanwhile send signal when it is reached There is a large feeding door and a large tempered sight glass, where operator  check the laundry drying status at any time.

Most oftenly, some fabric are not suitable for water washing ,such as woolen coat and suits, in this case, dry cleaning equipment, ironing and finishing equipments are necessary for the  laundry shop ,so that it is able to offer better service for the whole community

Laundry equipment List is as follows  



Quantity (set)


XGQ-30F Automatic Washer Extractor  



HGQ-30 Automatic Drying Machine (steam )



SGX-10  Automatic Dry Cleaning Machine



YTT-1400  Vacuum Ironing table  (Including Ironer  )



Steam Generator set  



Society Laundry Shop Layout

Dry Cleaning Macahine (4)

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