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Self-Service Laundry Shop

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This type of laundry shop  mainly serves  consumers in colleges, boarding schools, chain  hotels, Motels , businesses and communities. The biggest difference from traditional laundry shop and such laundry shop  is that they only operate washing business. And most of the device is self-serviced
Laundry equipment in such laundry shop has following character :
1.  The washing target has small capacity and  they need to be washed many times  
2.  The washing equipment is for commercial and industrial purpose that they has to be durable enough to work more  than 10 hours a day
3. The Quality of washing machines must be Class A that it is durable and stable and very strong
4. The washing equipment must be  easy to be operated and maintain
5. The washing machine has extra Money taken system ,such as coin operated or card operated ,meanwhile the Token system should be  easy to managed
6. This industrial purpose washing machines are more durable and strong than household type washing machines  
7. The Washing Machine has  high request of G-Force ,it has less washing time but more flexible choice
8. The Commercial and industrial purpose washing machine is able to wash big fabric such  as down jackets, sheets, duvet covers, curtains, sofa covers, fiber duvets, etc.
9.  The washed  fabric will be dried at once  to make them  fluffy
In this plan , we suggest 16 set of washer extractor  15kgs with haifeng brand ,and 16 sets of Tumbler Dryer 15kgs with Haifeng Brand  .Since the 15kgs Haifeng Brand Washer Extractor and 15kgs tumbler dryer   is the most economic and stable machines, they consume less water and less steam. There are several  operation programs in the operation panel to meet different request from client, meanwhile, the machines are with huge operation screen , the operator is able to adjust the temperature, water level, washing process from the  big screen  

Haifeng Brand Tumbler Dryer 15kgs Model HGQ15 has digital operation panel and it has big door to load and unload the clothes ,meanwhile the machines are able to heated by electricity Or Natural Gas , Or Steam or LPG  

Equipment List in Self-Service Laundry Shop  :




Quantity (set)


Automatic Washer Extractor  




Automatic Tumbler Dryer  




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